This Custom Alpha Motorcycle Was Built Using a Wrecked BMW

Unofficial concept designs are much like a Ja Rule comeback — nice to think about but almost certain to never happen in real life.

But the BMW K75 Alpha Motorcycle is an exception. A very sexy exception. (A sexception?)


Originally conceived as an off-the-wall, Salt Flats racer concept by Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk, it has been brought to life by Utah’s Mark “Makr” Atkinson, who, if his nickname doesn’t already give it away, makes custom racing engines. One every winter. From fucking scratch.


The bike started out as the carcass of a wrecked BMW K75. That means its engine is a water-cooled 750cc that lies on its side.


Over a span of several months, Atkinson built a chassis to fit inside Erdem’s smooth, aerodynamic design, which was based off the lines of a Great White shark. From there, he worked with Doruk to design and render every minute detail of the bike, before building each part and fitting them piece-by-piece.


Of course Atkinson also made sure to add a turbocharger to the K75 for a power boost. When a bike looks this fast, you’d best make sure it’s always on time.