Is This the Craziest Buzzer Beater Ever?

You know, as a Raptors fan, I’ve seen my fair share of memorable buzzer beaters. There was Kyle Lowry’s game-tying Hail Mary in the first game of last year’s Heat series; Vince Carter’s rep-building winner in Boston; and, of course, Mo Pete’s last-second miracle against the Wizards. But even I, a belligerently proud homer, am willing to admit I haven’t seen anything, aesthetically speaking, quite like this Taj Gibson shot from last night’s Thunder-Blazers showdown:

Yo, that was some straight Roger-Federer-esque finesse ish, fam. Instinctual. The degree of difficulty here — catching a full-court heave and then immediately launching it from the opposing three-point line with a defender draped all over you — is a 10. The get-you-up-out-your-seat-to-yell-“DAAAAAAYUM” factor here is an obvious 10, too.

The only thing not in Gibson’s favour? This happened just before halftime. Not all that significant. So, you know, we’re gonna answer that question in the headline with, “No. Mo Pete’s was.” But you knew that already.