There’s a Real-Life Version of Pong Built Into This Coffee Table

For many years now, cosplayers have dutifully brought their favourite video games to life: gamers have welded together Master Chief’s armour from Halo, donned Link’s green tunic from The Legend of Zelda and strapped on Lara Croft’s gun holsters from Tomb Raider. But what about the game that started it all? How could one possibly bring Pong into the real world? A couple of mechanical geniuses have finally found a way to do just that.


The Table Pong Project has released a playable, coffee table-sized pong game that brings the Atari classic into your home in real life. Using hidden magnets, the cube-shaped “ball” moves from side to side bouncing off paddles that are controlled mechanically. An LED display shows your score and music can be streamed via Bluetooth. When not in use, the ends of the table fold up and over the controls, so you can turn it back into a coffee table before your better half threatens to throw out your “stupid, useless game” again.


Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the company plans to start shipping tables in December 2017. Which means you have seven months to get your Pong game up to snuff.