This Stunning Coffee Table Book Gives an Insider’s Look at JFK’s 1960 Campaign

I truly believe that a person can never own too many coffee table books. They’re at once perfect conversation starters and living room decor of the highest brow. And if you were to find one such coffee table book that also served as a history lesson from an iconic time in American politics, well, by George, you’d be able to hold your head high with pride for many moons indeed.


To celebrate the centennial of John F. Kennedy’s birth, Taschen is releasing a book of more than 300 photographs of Kennedy through his campaign and eventual road to the White House. Alongside works from photojournalists like Henri Dauman, Arnold Newman, Lawrence Schiller, Paul Schutzer and more is a complete reprint of Normal Mailer’s Esquire article “Superman Comes to the Supermarket,” which ran only weeks before the polls opened and (in Mailer’s eyes) won the presidency for Kennedy.


Norman Mailer. John F. Kennedy. Superman Comes to the Supermarket is a must-own for anyone who calls themselves a history buff, a coffee table book lover, or just a Kennedy family aficionado, as we find ourselves becoming around here lately.