U.S. To Withdraw From Paris Accords, While a Giant Ice Sheet Is About to Break off of Antarctica

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord

“‘The Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the President’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first,’ read a White House memo to supporters explaing the president’s decision. ‘The Accord was negotiated poorly by the Obama Administration and signed out of desperation.'”

Washington Post

+1: Antarctic ice shelf takes major turn to breaking off from continent, will be one of largest recorded ice bergs – BBC News

+1: The world is running out of cheap vanilla, thanks to climate change and crime – Quartz

2. Canada ‘standing up to U.S.’ with $867-million for softwood industry, Liberals say

“The Trudeau government unveiled an $867-million aid package for the Canadian softwood industry to help blunt the pain of punitive American duties on shipments bound for the United States – penalties imposed as a persistent trade dispute with Washington flares up again.

“‘Canada is standing up to the U.S. Canada is standing up for Canadians,’ Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said at a news conference Thursday to announce the assistance.”

The Globe and Mail

3. Inside the secretive world of Russia Today

“As RT faces fresh allegations of peddling propaganda, The Moscow Times gained an insider view.”

The Moscow Times

+1: Forget juicing: Try the InfoWars diet – Broadly

4. Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?

“Petrobras was also at the centre of Brazil’s politics. During the 2003-2010 presidency of the Workers’ Party leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (known as Lula), executive posts in Petrobras were offered to Lula’s political allies, to help build support in Congress.

“Petrobras’s commercial and strategic importance was such that the US National Security Agency made it a target for surveillance. As the Car Wash investigation was to prove, if you could unravel the secrets of this company, you would unravel the secrets of the state.”

The Guardian

5. A radical new hypothesis in medicine: give patients drugs they know don’t work

“Why the placebo effect is weirder and potentially more useful than we imagined.”