Porsche Just Unveiled the Most Powerful 911 Turbo S Ever

Isn’t evolution great? That sweet inevitable process of getting bigger, stronger and faster. It seems the fine folks at Porsche have been reading up on their Darwin and decided to apply the idea of ongoing improvement to the monstrously powerful 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The result? The most powerful and unique 911 Turbo S ever.

So what are the specs on this four-wheeled behemoth? Why, 607 hp good sir. Because in case you ever want or need to get 0 to 100km/h for some reason, you can do so in 2.9 seconds thanks to the good folks from Stuttgart. Got to get to 200 km/h? Why it will only take 9.6 seconds.


But enough of the juicy bits under the hood. What about the looks? Well, aside from that familiar, iconic 911 Porsche silhouette, there’s the fact that this line is only limited to 500 units worldwide. What that means is that it gives the craftsmen at the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur at the headquarters in Zuffenhausen time to finish by hand every single last one of these cars. There’s the 18-way adjustable sports seats covered in two layers of perforated leather, carbon dotted throughout the build, and even minute details such as fine copper thread is being integrated into the trim strips of the carbon interior package.


And if that wasn’t enough, heck, Porsche are even offering a matching chronograph configured to the exact style as their chosen car. Prices in Canada start at $293,800. So what are you waiting for?