LeBron James Just Shaved His Head Bald, Thereby Unlocking His Final Form

LeBron James’ hairline has been taking a public flogging for quite some time now. Rumour has it National Bullying Prevention Month was created specifically for the sake of his follicularly challenged head. And clearly, it’s something that’s been bothering the guy. He’s fiddled with headbands, Carlos Boozer-esque hair paint, and on occasion, has even sported a suspiciously resurrected head of hair overnight (see: his fully-coiffed cameo in Trainwreck). So thank god he’s finally taken the only measure that makes sense.

The Akron Hammer posted a video on Instagram Thursday with the caption “Bald head nutt!” showing off his (mostly) shorn scalp. He hasn’t gone full Heisenberg just yet, but he’s trimmed it about as closely as possible.

Bald head nut!! #IHearEmPrayingOnMyDownfall #CantStopWontStop #striveforgreatness🚀

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We’re all for this move. After all, it looks much better than this:


There comes a time in every alopecia-afflicted man’s life when he’s got to decide whether he wants to keep fighting a losing battle or just go bald with grace. Sometimes shaving it all off can feel a lot more liberating than desperately clinging via the Rogaine, the Propecia, the laser caps, or what have you. Maybe this was LeBron’s way of symbolically starting anew after the Cavs fell short this past season. Or, scarier yet, maybe this was his way of vanquishing the only sign that he’s a mortal man and not God Mode incarnate. Something tells us Bald LeBron will be even deadlier than Receding Hairline LeBron.

The Internet seems to agree:


And yes, there will also be the inevitable comparisons to his fellow chrome-domed NBA legend MJ. But for now, let’s just be happy for LeBron: he’s finally learning how to take an L with some class.