Jaguar’s Speediest Road Car Ever Is Here, and It’s a Compact Sedan

Not to alarm you, my friends, but we are in the midst of an automotive arms race. Earlier this month, Porsche unveiled its most powerful 911 Turbo S ever. Then, Audi announced its fastest convertible ever. And now, it’s Jaguar’s turn to enter the showdown of superlatives. Behold the XE SV Project 8 — “the most powerful, agile, and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever produced.” Ever!


Of course, what sets the Project 8 apart from its roided-out competitors is the fact that isn’t quite what you’d expect when you hear the word “supercar.” I mean, just look at its doors. There’s four of them. That’s right. The fastest Jag on the road is a goddamn sedan.


See, the British manufacturer had a completely batshit idea: take the all-aluminum XE — its smallest, cheapest sedan — and drop in the most monstrous version of its supercharged 5.0-litre V8. What that means is this little wildebeest on wheels puts out 592 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.  It’s got all-wheel drive and goes from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.3 seconds (i.e. real quick). It’ll hit 320 kmph. That’s legit supercar territory right there.


It might look like the standard XE at first glance, but there are notable differences. The lightweight carbon fiber bumpers, hood, and front fenders have been fitted. Moreover, the fenders are a lot wider, covering the 265-mm wide tires up front and 305-wide tires at the back.

Jaguar, new, fastest

And then there’s the way this bad boy sounds. Just listen to it roar. Warning: it will tickle.

No word on Canadian pricing for Jaguar’s super sedan, but in the U.S. it goes for over $192,000. Oh, and there will only be 300 of them, which may make it among the rarest Jaguars… ever.