This Jacket Will Get You Through This Weird, Rainy Summer

Blame it on climate change, Canada’s schizophrenic meteorological behavior, or the fickle nature of the weather gods – the fact is the forecast can change at the drop of a hat. In some cities this season, that’s looked like a whole lot of precipitation and felt like a soggy cotton suit.

Enter RAINS. The aptly named Danish import has perfected a lightweight waterproof jacket that can be worn overtop of everything from your favourite concert tee to your summer two-piece. Hailing from Copenhagen, a city with as many days of rain per year as Vancouver, the label knows how to keep a guy dry with a 50 per cent polyurethane outer membrane that completely repels the wet stuff. And with its minimalist Scandinavian design, matte finish, and range of colours from stealthy jet black to on-trend millennial pink, it looks pretty damn sleek too.

If buying a jacket mid-summer feels wrong, tell yourself you’re stocking up for fall. Whether it’s a downtown downpour or a damp night at the cottage, we’re confident you’ll be busting it out before Labour Day.

Get yours at Gotstyle.