Kathleen Wynne to Testify in Sudbury Byelection Bribery Trial: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Kathleen Wynne will waive parliament privilege in bribery trial

“Premier Kathleen Wynne will waive parliamentary privilege and testify in the Sudbury byelection bribery trial that begins in six weeks.

“Wynne’s former deputy chief of staff Patricia Sorbara and Liberal activist Gerry Lougheed are on trial for alleged Elections Act violations stemming from a February 2015 byelection.”

Toronto Star

2. VP Pence breaks tie as Senate votes to debate repealing Obamacare

“The 51-50 vote came only a week after the Republican effort to dismantle a pillar of former President Barack Obama’s legacy appeared all but doomed. It marked an initial win for President Trump, who pushed, cajoled and threatened senators over the last days to at least begin debating the repeal of the health care law.”

New York Times

3. Pipelines the elephant in the room as Trudeau meets new BC Premier John Horgan

“British Columbia Premier John Horgan may have vowed to fight Ottawa’s latest pipeline approval ‘with every tool available,’ but he made it clear on Tuesday that he’s not ready for a political showdown — yet.

“The BC NDP leader delivered this message to reporters after meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill for the first time since the BC New Democrats were sworn in as a minority government last week. The two leaders said they discussed the province’s raging wildfires and red hot real estate market, along with solutions to the opioid crisis and U.S. softwood lumber dispute.”

National Observer

4. Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years

“While infertility treatments such as IVF can offer solutions to potential ramifications of the decline on one level, little has been done to address the root of the issue.” Low sperm counts could also be an indicator of poor overall health levels among men.

The Guardian

5. The algorithm that makes kids obsessed with YouTube

“Viewed a certain way, YouTube Kids is offering programming that’s very specifically tailored to what children want to see. Kids are actually selecting it themselves, right down to the second they lose interest and choose to tap on something else. The YouTube app, in other words, is a giant reflection of what kids want.  In this way, it opens a special kind of window into a child’s psyche.”

The Atlantic