Gucci’s FW17 Campaign Looks Like a Long-Lost Star Trek Film We Badly Want to See

One thing about Gucci’s latest creative director Alessandro Michele: he likes doing weird shit. And as time passes, it just keeps getting weirder. Take the Italian fashion house’s Fall Winter 2017 ad campaign — it’s got flying saucers, a swamp monster, a T-Rex, and a whole whack of out-there motifs that look straight out of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

The most obvious reference in the collection, though, is Star Trek. The brand even made a short film inspired largely by the original sci-fi series, and they’ve given it all they’ve got, Captain! Seriously though, it looks pretty cool. The bar’s been raised significantly, Star Trek: Discovery. Take notes.

Other nods to retro sci-fi in the campaign, shot by Glen Luchford, that we picked up on:  Lost in SpaceCreature from the Black Lagoon, Flight of the Navigator, and… uh, Jurassic Park?

From Gucci’s press release:

The retro-futurist settings inside the images dreamed up by Creative Director Alessandro Michele were inspired by the sci-fi genre of the 1950s and 60s, including the iconic TV program Star Trek.

As revealed on Instagram in April in a series of videos intercepted from the furthest reaches of our solar system, this season the collection is transported to a parallel universe where a mixed cast of humanoids, aliens, robots and earthlings unite for the Gucci invasion from a galaxy far, far away. 

Wrong reference, Gucci! Star Wars is in a galaxy far, far away, not Star Trek! You done goofed. It’s all good, though. They’re still cool ads.










Creature of the Blue Lagoon photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLC 
Star Trek photos: TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are properties owned by CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.