We’re Giving Away Two Tickets to Design Exchange’s Party of the Future

The Design Exchange’s EDIT is being billed as the festival of the future.

From September 28 to October 8, step inside a 150,000 square-foot abandoned factory converted into a world “where crickets can combat global hunger, medical supplies are 3D-printed in outer space, drones deliver blood to remote communities, and shipping containers are the future of farming.”

To kick it all off DX is hosting the party of the future.

“Journey into the future among a thousand of your closest friends while enjoying food stations from Toronto’s hottest caterers and cocktails by your favourite mixologists. EDIT’s highly anticipated opening night unites dreamers and disruptors from across the globe for an immersive sneak preview of what’s to come throughout the expo’s 10-day run.”

Tickets are $85, but we’re giving away a pair for our loyal readers.

Enter the contest here