Is Bryan Cranston’s Phillip K. Dick Show Any Good? Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. How will Philip K. Dick’s collection of short stories translate to TV?

“When the buzzy Black Mirror packed up its cautionary futuristic tales and moved them from England’s Channel 4 exclusively to Netflix, the British network naturally looked to the writer whose work inspired the films Blade Runner and Minority Report, as well as the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle, to fill the gap left by the departed Charlie Brooker show.

“The result is Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, a Channel 4, Amazon, and Sony co-production that’s already begun airing on British television and debuts worldwide on Amazon this Friday. Each of its ten episodes is based on one of Dick’s mid-1950s short stories, but uses them, often quite loosely, as a jumping-off point to explore contemporary or futuristic situations in which people find good reason to question the nature of their realities.”

– Vulture

2. Ugly fashion is sticking around, and it’s just so crazy it might work

“‘I’m one of the proponents of ugly fashion,’ says Tanya White, who teaches avant garde and conceptual design at Ryerson University’s fashion school. ‘I think it’s interesting if you can look at someone and think, “Are they really cool or is that just an awful outfit?”‘

“Bigger brands are getting ugly, too. Balenciaga (now helmed by Vetements’ Gvasalia) caused a stir with the release of the Triple S, a chunky $900 ‘It’ sneaker that looks like something salvaged from a Kmart fire sale in 1992. Kanye West’s Yeezy brand subsequently dropped a similarly ungainly pair of kicks, the new Desert Rat 500, to an immediate buying frenzy”

– The Globe and Mail

3. Brooks Brothers celebrates its 200th birthday at Pitti Uomo

“Brooks Brothers presented an impressive array of its greatest hits during its first runway show that celebrated the roots of American men’s wear.

“The company, which turns 200 years old in 2018, kicked off the party with a special event at the Pitti Uomo show in Florence. The brand borrowed the spectacular Palazzo Vecchio for a multipronged event that opened with the runway show and transitioned to a retrospective and private dinner hosted by Brooks’ owner Claudio Del Vecchio.”


4. Body builders just can’t buy off the rack

“Dr Jordan Shallow, aka The Muscle Doc, is a chiropractor, a human movement specialist, and an absolute BEAST in the weight room. At 5’11” 255 lbs (of pure muscle), you can imagine he had a hard time finding a suit for his wedding.

“Body builders are among the hardest-to-fit people on earth. They have incredibly unique dimension and shape to their bodies and they fluctuate quite a bit between periods of gaining and cutting. With that said, I think it’s even more important to have a good tailor when you put this much work into your body.”

– Articles of Style

5. Three airport lounges you’ll actually want to hang out in

“Flying today is a far cry from the halcyon days when men in suits and women in frocks sauntered through space-age airports onto wide bodies with enough leg room to tango. That’s why modern airport lounges – those hushed islands of calm between the security checks and the cramped confines of coach class – are less luxuries than sanity savers for those who have access to them.”

– Azure