Frederique Constant’s Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Is the Slickest Way to Track Celestial Bodies

The elegant dial of a moonphase watch, with an aperture slowly displaying the lunar phases, looks so simple, but it requires a super complicated movement to make it work. (After all, true lunar cycles consist of 29.53 days, so the watchmaker must use their skills to make the display accurate.)

The new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture from Frederique Constant is an excellent example. The brand’s R&D department and watchmakers spent two years redesigning Frederique Constant’s signature in-house moonphase movement in order to split the moonphase and date into two new counters, both adjustable through the crown.


And with its 38.8-millimetre case, the Slimline Moonphase has a more modern look, reflecting the trend toward more subtly styled timepieces. It comes with two dial variations (silver or black) and two case finishes (rose gold plated or polished stainless steel).


Of course, there’s not much call for tracking the stages of the moon in the modern world. But watching the night sky unfold in extremely slow motion is still strangely compelling. Maybe that’s why moonphase watches are considered a must-have among serious collectors.

From $3,195,