Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 50 Speakers Look Deceptively Minimalist (Because They Sound Impressively Maximalist)

Over the last 92 years, Bang & Olufsen has built quite a reputation for its striking, future-forward designs. Which makes its latest flagship speaker, the Beolab 50, such an oddity; online pundits have been baffled by its “strangely normal” appearance.


Packaged in silver-polished aluminum panels and oak lamellas, the speaker’s understated design is meant to make it seamlessly integrate into a room. Its abilities, however, are decidedly less subtle; seven amps drive 2,100 watts through seven drivers: three 10-inch woofers, three 4-inch midrange speakers, and a 2 cm tweeter that rises from the top, and can be adjusted to deliver room-filling or laser-focused acoustics. Normcore’s never sounded more appealing.


$25, 852 per unit; $51,704 for a pair,