This Hillside Home Will Make You Want to Uproot Your Life and Move to Chile

Do you ever get house envy? Like, serious, it’s-killing-me-inside-that-I-don’t-live-there, capital-H, house envy? Then you may want to avert your eyes. Casa H, a new home designed by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos, is the covetable, contemporary, concrete abode of your dreams, located on a hillside in the coastal town Zapallar, Chile.

The haven’s exterior is made up of board-formed concrete attached to horizontal beams, giving clean cut contrast to the rugged landscape of the Chilean quaint seaside region. The was built on the concept of having a single structure hovering above the ground, which yes, is cool as it sounds.


From the top down, the ceiling slab hands from two main longitudinal beams, at 41 metres long and 1.40 metres high. Said beams are supported by only four walls, with seven metres of cantilevers at both ends. The balanced design, featuring floating terraces and transverse beams, offsets the magnificent surrounding rocky terrain.

Just in time for T-shirt season, the home’s balcony, which covers the entire length of the house, gives the ultimate entertainment set up, perfected by the attached cantilevered swimming pool.


The interior presents wood floors and panels, adding warmth to the home so that its grey exposed cement doesn’t make you feel like you’re in, you know, a dungeon. Though the fact that it runs parallel to the shoreline with floor-to-ceiling glazing and phenomenal ocean views might help with that, too.