Audiophile 101: How to Get Mind-Blowing Sound at Home

Bluesound & Sharp 

Like collecting wine or restoring a vintage Ferrari in your garage, the world of high-end audio can be as rewarding as it is intimidating. But if you already enjoy music or movies, you’re probably an audiophile — even if you don’t know it. All the term really means is that you care about hearing sound exactly as it was intended to be heard. And why wouldn’t you? Be it Brian Eno, Dr. Dre, or the sound mixer on Game of Thrones, the producers and recording engineers behind your favourite soundtracks are at the top of their fields because they create incredible audio. And if you’re listening on a subpar system, you’re really only getting half the experience. Fortunately, unlike wine and vintage Ferraris, high-end audio gear needn’t be overly complicated. Here, we’ve broken down everything you need to know to get the most out of your next listening experience.

The Right Stuff

Whether you’re outfitting your office or the living room of your condo, having the right components is the first step towards a complete home audio solution.



Hi-fi systems are often comprised of a few chunky pieces of equipment with cables coming out the backs, like Medusa with a perm. The POWERNODE 2 effectively replaces three of these (source, preamplifier, and power amplifier). Just add a great set of speakers.



This all-in-one streaming player comes complete with built-in speakers and instinctive touch controls, bringing high-quality audio into any room in the house. Carefully designed and engineered to fit a woofer and two mid-to-high range drivers into a sleek, streamlined case.



A great piece for those who have a lot of CDs or downloads from years ago, the VAULT 2 creates a personal library of music that’s easily accessible. Thanks to its BluOS operating system, this NAS drive holds up to 200,000 songs, and connects wirelessly to all of Bluesound’s other pieces.

TALK THE TALK: Glossary of Terms

High-end audio is all about a superior listening experience, and to bring that home, you’ll need to know what to look for. Learn these key terms and elevate your home audio setup.


This term designates any audio whose quality is the same or greater than 44.1-kHz/16-bit, the rate commonly found on CDs.


This refers to the amount of data (measured in bits) processed in each second of sound. A higher bitrate translates to better quality audio.


This refers to the quality of samples in the bitrate. More bit depth means a more detailed sound recording, which means higher quality audio. CDs, for example, have 16 bits per sam- ple, whereas hi-res audio has 24 — and sounds a lot better for it.


Audio files undergo compression when they’re digitized, and these files can either be “lossy” or “lossless.” Lossless compression means a larger file size, but higher-quality sound.


Particularly for songs recorded in the pre-digital era, the best quality comes from the original analog “master” recording. Many hi-res audio files are taken directly from these.


Master Quality Authenticated is a new software technology designed to enable streaming of high-quality, lossless audio. All of Bluesound’s products are MQA-enabled.


A Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) is a chip that converts the 1s and 0s of digital music into the soundwaves that come out of your speakers. The better the DAC, the better the sound.


Due to the larger size of hi-res audio files, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive — an external hard drive for media —is an essential tool in the audiophile’s kit. The VAULT 2 is a NAS drive that integrates seamlessly into the Bluesound operating system.

Home Audio Worthy of Your New Screen

The benefits of the latest ultra-HD LED technology speak for themselves, but that state-of-the-art 4K screen demands an equally cutting-edge sound system to do it justice. By adding an all-in-one soundbar like Bluesound’s PULSE SOUNDBAR, you’ll get crystal-clear high-definition sound and hear a range of audio with depth and crispness like never before. Fitting discreetly beneath your TV and installing in minutes, this sleek, compact all-in-one piece provides outstanding frequency dynamics and value relative to its competitors. Think of it as a hi-fi system for the Netflix-and-chill set.



Pair the PULSE SOUNDBAR with the PULSE SUB and a pair of PULSE FLEX speakers as rear channels, and suddenly you’re immersed in one of the world’s first Dolby-certified wireless surround-sound systems. Your movies have never sounded better.


With multiple inputs and outputs, plus connection to Internet radio, music streaming services, and your own local music library, the PULSE SOUNDBAR is your living room’s entertainment hub.


A complete living room sound system featuring 6 integrated high-performance speakers and 2 passive radiators, plus wireless connectivity to the PULSE SUB subwoofer.

Hi-fi Audio For Every Room

Bluesound’s range of components connect wirelessly, guaranteeing exceptional sound throughout your home. Play each speaker on its own or the whole system in concert, all directed from the palm of your hand with Bluesound’s intuitive Controller app. Here are a few good ways to start your setup:


1. The PULSE MINI is a compact, powerful speaker that produces mighty sound. Its size allows it to sit discreetly on any table or bookshelf.


2. Mount a pair of PULSE FLEX speakers in the corners of any large room and fill it with sound, or add the battery pack and take one with you on the road.


3. The PULSE 2 is a compact, all-in-one music streaming system that can be placed almost anywhere in your home to deliver rich, clear sound.