Classic Yet Contemporary

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To carve out a special place in the intricate domain of auto design, you have to find the right balance between modern luxury, performance and classic elegance. It’s like shaping a legendary leading man. It’s about creating a captivating identity that instantly becomes iconic, with just the right blend of vision, talent and perseverance.

The 2024 Range Rover Sport SV, the badge’s modern luxury performance flagship, is the automotive incarnation of Daniel Craig – eternally stylish and effortlessly suave. The Sport SV exhibits peerless Range Rover capability, refinement and reductive design, underscored by a high-performance-honed exterior that delivers a more assertive, grounded aesthetic.

Just as James Bond, in his blue La Perla Grigioperla Lodato swimsuit and Brioni tuxedo, set a present-day standard of style in Casino Royale, the new Range Rover Sport SV etches its own silhouette in the automotive design arena. It stands at the intersection of timeless design sophistication and contemporary sporting luxury, all embodied in an exclusive airflow-enhanced design.

Range Rover Sport SV

Achieving this? Well, as with Craig’s now-enduring charisma, it’s no less complex than refining an actor’s signature charm — a craft demanding attention to detail and a deep understanding of character. In the Sport SV, Range Rover has distilled its design ethos, ensuring a balanced composition.

More than just a suave matinee idol, the Range Rover Sport SV personifies design confidence, delivering both glamour and grit: looks that meet chops. This dynamic appearance is enhanced by striking carbon fibre accents, including detailing on the Range Rover script, front bumper blades, grille surround, bonnet vents and side vents. There’s an option to supplement an exposed finish for the centre section of the carbon fibre hood.

The Sport SV dons a streamlined profile that’s part Range Rover heritage and part ahead of the curve, with reprofiled lower body sides and functional carbon fibre-tipped quad tailpipes for the active exhaust system.

Inside, the cockpit-like cabin adds to the ensemble. Satin carbon fibre-backed SV Performance Seats play literally the chief supporting role, with integrated headrests, more sculpted bolsters and illuminated SV logos on the backrests of the seats, enriching the Sport SV’s beautifully crafted and reductive interior. 

In a thoughtful nod to sustainability, the new Ultrafabrics PU interior option becomes an attractive castmate itself. This responsible ‘3D knit to form’ textile offers all the tactile qualities of leather, but is 30 percent lighter and curtails CO2 emissions to just a quarter. Beyond a style statement, it speaks for Range Rover’s commitment to future-forward luxury.

Translucent edge-lit gear shift paddles (a world first) and a cool-to-touch black ceramic console gear shifter with more pronounced thumb grips bring a touch of calming comfort, elevating the overall luxury quotient.

Range Rover’s first-ever Body and Soul Seat also makes its silver-screen-worthy debut. SUBPAC AI-optimising software translates high fidelity audio into a tactile sensation. The sensory immersion is more felt than heard. Body and Soul Seat wellness programs proceed to enhance your mental and physiological well-being, influencing the variation in time between each heartbeat.

Six specially developed Body and Soul Seat tracks – Poise, Soothe, Serene, Cool, Tonic and Glow – arrange for a mood-enhancing score. These programs, designed in collaboration with Coventry University’s National Transport Design Centre and the School of Media and Performing Arts, could help reduce anxiety or improve cognitive response, as studies have shown. With Amazon Alexa integrated into the latest generation Pivi Pro4 infotainment system, find your favourite and simply command the Sport SV to “Play it, Q.” 

Range Rover Sport SV Driver's side seat view from behind with dashboard

Like each famed cinematic flicker of Craig’s 007: every detail of the new Range Rover Sport SV has been meticulously crafted, every feature precisely positioned. A fusion of a perfectly tailored persona and an indomitable presence; the epitome of timeless Range Rover design sophistication and contemporary sporting luxury. 

Shaking things up, yet never stirring from its roots. 

Exemplifying the brand’s modern luxury philosophy, the new Range Rover Sport SV is initially reserved for select clients globally. The invitation-only SV EDITION ONE specification represents a curation of the best feature combinations, colours and finishes.

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