The World Cup Final Is the Perfect Excuse to Upgrade Your TV

We’ve heard that in countries that go truly World Cup crazy, it’s tradition for many offices to buy the biggest TV they can get their hands on, then raffle it off at the end of the series. After all, what’s a little lost productivity when there are matters of national identity at stake? But, should your Canadian boss not have the warmest of reactions to your attempts at floating that idea, admit defeat and make your way to your local electronics store to buy your own new home set instead.


This year, all 64 are being broadcast in ultra-high definition with high dynamic range. That means the matches have looked extra, well, sharp, and can accurately reflect a wide variety of lighting conditions all in the same shot — at least, so long as your television’s equipped to keep up with these fresh technologies.


The Samsung Q8 QLED, available in sizes that range from 55- to 82-inch displays, fits the bill. But what really has us sold on the new models — aside from their virtually bezel-less design — is their ambient mode. When not in use, it can be set to display photos, weather info, and scrolling news updates, or mimic the look of the wall behind it. Suddenly an 82-inch black box looks a lot less obtrusive.