Noah Cappe’s 6 Must-Pack Pieces for Traveling in Style (and Comfort)

Noah Cappe is a bona fide globetrotter. Between traveling for his hit shows Carnival Eats and The Bachelor/Bachelorette Canada, as well as romantic getaways with his wife, this guy is no spring chicken to the world of packing. Case in point: he can travel up to two weeks with just a carry-on. He’s a regular (Canadian) Christopher Columbus. What’s more, when it comes to Canuck TV hosts, he’s about as stylish as they come, always keeping his look fun and unique with a funky pocket square here or rad pair of glasses there. (Sorry Ben Mulroney, you got nothing on this guy.)

So it only made sense to ask Cappe to share his six essential travel pieces with us. Pack like this guy does, and you might just earn yourself a rose.


“I always throw a bowtie into my bag. Whatever your style is, whether you’re a tie person or a broche or necklace person. One little element for me is a bowtie, that way I know if something pops up, there’s a dinner I wasn’t expecting, or an opportunity to go to some cool event. It’s a fun, chic, cool way to take a simple button up shirt and instantly turn it into something a little more quirky and classier.”

gregory allen

Noah’s go-to bowties:
Gregory Allen


“It’s one of those things where even if you’re not going somewhere that the weather doesn’t look great, whether it’s early mornings, late nights, or a sunny day, sunglasses are always a good thing to have.”


Noah’s go-to sunglasses:


“For me, the number one thing to have are sweatpants! All those people that say sweatpants are a sign of giving up, that’s a person who has just never put on a pair of sweatpants. Sweatpants aren’t just for coming home from work anymore. When you’re on the plane, in the hotel room, lounging around on a lazy Sunday, whatever it is. It is the ultimate piece you can pack that puts you into that relaxation mode.


Noah’s go-to sweats:


“I’m a sock guy. I wear crazy, fun, patterned socks. I have socks for every occasion. For Thanksgiving, I have ones with turkeys and beer on them. A birthday? I have cake ones. If I’m going to the movies, I’ve got popcorn. Socks to me, are a super fun way to just add a little unique twist to show a glimpse of your personality. It doesn’t have to be crazy patterns and pictures. It can just be something small.”


Noah’s go-to socks:
McGregor Socks


“There’s a big part of me that says Air Force 1s. Classic Nike’s that are comfortable and cool. But if you want something a little more elevated, then Clarks. They’re cool — a familiar brand that’s well made. They call them sneakers, but you could put them on with a nice pair of dress pants. And for me, you can slip them both on. When you’re 6’3, let’s be honest, bending over to tie your shoes is a long way down.



Noah’s go-to sneakers:


“Last but not least, I would say a good sweater. Everyone always thinks, Oh I’m going to Arizona. I don’t need to bring that bulky sweater. But everywhere has a moment or day or night  where it gets cold. You end up going to the beach and after the sun sets it gets cold. You go to the desert and the evenings are freezing! It really doesn’t matter where you go, there’s always a chance for that surprisingly chilly day. So having a really good, go-to comfy sweater is great.”


Noah’s go-to sweater:
Harry Rosen