These Are the 3 Places You Absolutely Need to Visit Now

These summer days — like John Travolta’s hairline — are fleeting. May as well make the most of them.

For luxury:



Skip Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles’s 115-island archipelago, for the North Island, where global elites — think George and Amal, or Will and Kate — honeymoon. Along with expansive views of the crystalline Indian Ocean, Villa North Island features coconut groves, private beaches, and 11 villas, all with their own private pools, spas, and chefs. No menu is provided; the chef is at your whim. The top-tier accommodations, reserved for Clooney and co., will run you $11,000 nightly.

For food:

Mexico City


The world collectively gasped when, in 2017, earthquakes rocked Condesa and La Roma. The twin palm tree–lined ’hoods are quickly becoming a culinary destination, whether you’re after street-side chicharrón and chapulines — pork rinds and grasshoppers, respectively — or top-flight establishments like Rosetta, which the Black Hoof’s Jen Agg called “her favourite restaurant ever.” And did we mention mezcal? Because mezcal.

For art:



Artists have been flocking to Berlin for its legendary culture and legendarily reasonable cost of living. With good reason: it’s a city brimming with art, both historical and contemporary. Head to Alte Nationalgalerie for priceless masterpieces, the local-focused Berlinische to hang with the artists themselves, the East Side gallery for murals painted directly on the Berlin Wall, or the KW Institute for one of the most revered contemporary collections worldwide.