The Manual

How to do everything better.

Style Manual FW20: The Season's Must-Have Pieces

Your guide to this season's cold-weather essentials

The One Cocktail You Need to Know How To Make

Every man should master at least one.

How Do I Powerslide a Car?

The snow has cleared and spring is here. Time to slide.

What Makes a Celeb Style God These Days?

It takes much more than a suit.

What's the Best Way to Make a Martini?

WWJBD while he's WFH?

What’s the Best Music to Cook To?

Fire it up.

4 Books About Architecture You Should Read

Pump up your coffee table book game.

How Do I Catch Up on Everything That’s Happened at Hudson Yards This Year?

A briefer on all the cool stuff going on at NYC’s ritziest, glitziest gated community.

How Do I Give My Mental Health an Appreciable Boost?

We got you, dog.

The Endorsement: Setago Lamp by &Tradition

We love lamp.

What’s This Year's Biggest Oscar Bait?

We figured it out using math.

Here’s the One Trend Taking Bar Culture by Storm

Hint: It's not paper straws!

The Endorsement: Lodge Blacklock Foundry Skillet

Lighter than your standard gourmet cast-iron cookware.

What's the First Step Toward Becoming a Better Cook?

Let's cut to the chase.

Where Should I Be Making My Next Hotel Reservation?

Not all presidential suites are created equal.

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