The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Is a Powerful Phone for a Powerful Man

Samsung & Sharp

As a wise man once said, first you get the money. Then you get the power. Then — if we could slightly tweak the axiom for 2018 — you get a powerful phone.

A phone like, say, the new Samsung Galaxy Note9. The latest Note from the tech giant was designed and built for the power user — the kind of user with an always-on, always-hustling kind of lifestyle. A user who requires all of the features and the fastest performance. A user like you. And since you will settle for nothing less, the Note9 is heavy on giving you more. Compared to its Note predecessors, it’s got the largest screen, the most storage, the longest-lasting battery, and the quickest processor.

And while those improvements make it attractive for power users, the Galaxy Note9 is also packed with the features we’ve come to love (and expect) from premium smartphones — and the result is a device that can keep up with work or play.


Maximum Power

The Note9 is a fast, capable smartphone, courtesy of Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 chipset, a 10nm processor and bountiful RAM (up to 8GB). That means multitasking is butter-smooth — minimal stuttering or lagging when you’ve got multiple apps open, and switching between them feels seamless. While most phones feel like a piping hot bowl of chowder when performing demanding tasks, the Note9 keeps its chill thanks to an innovative cooling system ensuring its processor remains at peak performance. So go ahead and load another game of Fortnite — this processor was made with mobile gaming in mind.

(Seemingly) Eternal Battery Life

Matching the phone’s mighty chipset is an equally impressive, stunning battery performance. At 4,000mAh, it’s the largest battery the Note line has ever had. That translates into impressive battery designed to last from dawn to dusk, even if you’re the type of dude who stares at his screen every waking minute. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kind of guy who scrolls compulsively through Instagram on the commute to and from the office, checks emails non-stop during your eight-hour work day (while low-key keeping up with the group chat), and relies on Lyft to get you to and from the bar later on, the Note9’s battery is made to keep up with your day (or night, for the nocturnal among us).


An Intelligent Pen

The signature Galaxy Note accessory gets a major upgrade this time around thanks to added Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. You can now use the S Pen to snap a photo remotely, skip a song on your playlist, or change slides in a presentation — you can even set custom controls so you can make your S Pen your own1.

Speaking of presentations, the Note9 will be your ultimate boardroom wingman. Samsung DeX allows you to turn your Note9 into a PC-like experience by plugging it into a computer monitor with a single USB-C to HDMI DeX Cable (sold separately) and boom, you’re good to go. By letting you use your favourite apps with desktop functions, you can now do more things on a bigger screen, while still having your contacts and messages at your fingertips. Plus, when plugged into a larger screen, the Note9 can also be used as a trackpad or keyboard, or you can use the S Pen to take notes and sketch — and have all your brilliant work show up on the monitor to wow the pants off your colleagues.


A Camera Every Influencer Will Covet

The dual camera setup on the Note9 is revolutionary, with intelligent features that make for vibrant, sharp photos.  Its main camera features a Dual Aperture, meaning it opens or closes depending on the surrounding light. Translation: Insane low-light performance. And with dual Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), photos and videos come out sharp – so go ahead and take the shot, Mr. Shaky Hands.

Among the plethora of camera features the phone comes with is a new Scene Optimizer mode, which uses real-time intelligence to automatically detect the subject and enhance the image. Its new Flaw Detection mode, meanwhile, will tell you when a shot is blurry, when there’s a smudge on the lens, when the image is overly backlit, or when someone’s eyes are closed. In other words, it gives you real-time feedback on your photos to ensure you capture the moment when it happens – and save you the embarrassment of having all the photos from your company holiday party turn out blurry.

And in case you needed another reason to love the S Pen, here’s one: snapping a selfie remotely using the S Pen’s Bluetooth remote functionality means that those big group selfies are within reach. Get the boys together after your next beer league shimmy and snap the shot with a press of the S Pen button from up to 10 meters away. Score.

Verdict: It’s the Power Phone to End All Power Phones

The Galaxy Note9 ticks every single box there is to tick for most smartphone power users, boasting the premium specs and performance necessary to keep up with your hustle, not to mention a sleek, elegant design. This device keeps up with your ultra-busy life, every step of the way. You’ve got the power — now get a phone to match.

1 S Pen remote function support may vary by application.
2 512GB only available in Midnight Black on and Samsung Experience Stores across Canada.