5 New Books About the Crazy, Compelling World of Watch Obsessives

Watch aficionados are a passionate bunch. They’re hungry not only for the rush of acquiring a new timepiece, but also the thrill of the hunt for the next one. This spring, an exciting cache of new books provides great insight into the makers, models, and unique subcultures of the watch-collecting world.

Discovering Time: Stories from a Collector Community

by Richard Vinhais

This series of true stories about watch fans offers a witty and sometimes poignant peek into the psyche of collectors around the world. Discovering Time is less about the technical aspects and more about the watch collecting culture.

F.P. Journe – Invenit et Fecit

by Jean-Pierre Grosz

Committed connoisseurs will recognize the name of François-Paul Journe, the outspoken and brilliant independent watchmaker. This biography follows Journe’s indirect path to horological glory, from his wild childhood in Marseille to winning the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie (the Nobel Prize of watches) time and time again.

Rolex: The Impossible Collection

by Fabienne Reybaud

Rolex is probably the most coveted and collected brand in watch history. This deluxe 196-page, 14” x 17” edition is bound in Rolex green, and provides an amazing overview of the company’s most intriguing models, including images never before seen in print.

My Time

by Sandro Fratini

This title stands out on the bookshelf because it focuses on the fascinating collection of just one man — Sandro Fratini, the Italian denim entrepreneur who owns more than 2,000 wristwatches. The lavishly illustrated 688-page book, published in collaboration with Christie’s auction house, shows only about a third of his collection, but provides plenty of insights and advice for hunting down rare timepieces.

The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

by Gene Stone and Steven Pulvirant

When The Watch was first published in 2006, it was conceived as a starting point for novice collectors (and a reference guide for more seasoned souls). Since then the horological landscape has changed many times over. So Stone teamed up with Hodinkee managing editor Stephen Pulvirent to feature new brands and new models, and to address the secondary market for such established brands as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and TAG Heuer.