Chris Hemsworth Talks Aliens, Apps, and Achieving Balance

Equilibrium is an important word to Chris Hemsworth. After all, this summer the actor’s had to strike a balance between being the god of thunder (Avengers: Endgame) and a galaxy defender (Men in Black: International). He also works in Hollywood and lives in Australia, juggling film sets and family life, urban chaos and idyllic nature. Amid all that, he’s also found time to develop his very own fitness app, Centr. Fat Thor this is not.

It’s no wonder, then, that Hemsworth was tapped to be the face of BOSS Bottled Infinite. The brand says the new fragrance was inspired by the Man of Today’s desire for balance — between career, family, and friends. Accordingly, it combines a fresh burst of citrus with confident, woody notes. It’s strong, summery, and symmetrical, just like your boy Chris. We caught up with Hemsworth to chat about extraterrestrials, his new app, and life as a Renaissance man.

You’re starring in this summer’s Men In Black: International and Avengers: Endgame. Both involve aliens. How have those franchises changed what you think about when you look up at the night sky — are you more inclined to believe in life in space now?

I think I’ve always believed that there was something else out there due to two things. Even in my limited knowledge as a kid, I just felt space was too far expansive, and that there must be something else out there besides us.

But also just from a purely vivid imagination as a young kid, or the fantasy and excitement of the idea, believing that there is something else out there used to get me pretty excited, to think of all those possibilities. It’s almost boring to think that we’re the only ones in this universe.

You’re launching your own subscription health and fitness app, Centr, with your team of trainers and nutritionists. What’s been the biggest challenge in developing and preparing to launch that? Have you had to increase business savviness and understanding of the app world?

I did certainly have to do a lot of research into the app world in general but also into the health and fitness space in particular. I guess the challenge was I wanted to do something authentic and something unique, something that people hadn’t experienced before. So, we had to certainly go above and beyond what was already out there, and we came up with a very holistic, all-encompassing approach to finding the best version of yourself — how to calm your mind, how to stay more focused, how to stay motivated, how to make smarter choices in general and not just your training and movement patterns and exercise but also in your food choices as well. For me, those are the three pillars that really make up the best version of you.

Talk to us about this new fragrance, BOSS Bottled Infinite. We saw sandalwood has been introduced as a new note and that the campaign was shot at a gorgeous beach. Tell us, what do you love most about this new scent? Does it remind you of the beach?

Yeah exactly that – because I got to film at the beach for this scent it really does remind me of the shoot, the ocean, all the laughs, the challenges, the surfboards! Aside from the memories I’m attaching to it, it’s got some refreshing outdoor notes, like mandarin, apple, rosemary, lavender. The sandalwood keeps it smooth. It’s been made with ‘diamond technology,’ which means the top and heart notes last longer on the skin and helps maintain the initial scent’s signature – this is the first fine fragrance to do that. You can see it comes in this deep ocean blue shade too, so that reminds me of nature, the outdoors and the sea, as well. 

We’ve seen you as a businessman, as Thor, relaxing on the beach, playing sports – you are clearly a multi-faceted man. How do you personally identify as a Man of Today and what qualities do you feel you have that represent BOSS?

I look at where I am in my life at this point and I believe a lot of it is about something I was taught very persistently as a young kid by my parents, which is about humility and being able to be humble in what you have, as well as having a great appreciation for the people around you that have given you positive experiences and lessons. I think I’ve always walked into any work environment or any environment in my life with an open mindset, willing to learn from people and collaborate.