These Pre-Configured Luxury Homes May Be the Ultimate Summer Flex

Got some spare money kicking around and want to flex on your friends this summer? Most folks might splurge on a nice new BBQ or a pool, but we’ve got a better idea: get yourself a brand-new luxury home built unfathomably fast!

Canadian home designer BONE Structure has revealed their new OS Collection of modern homes. The units use a patented proprietary light steel frame building technology inspired by the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, or a feeling of coziness and wellness, as well as energy efficient design.

The collection consists of six models, each pre-designed to fit a particular lifestyle. The units, which range in size from 1705 square feet to 2635 square feet, boast modern, simple, and bright aesthetics, with open interiors meant to help you slow down and live in the now. Each model is optimized around daily activities, with an emphasis on bringing families and friends together, from breakfast nooks to interior courtyards. These homes are ideal spaces for both living and entertaining.

Says BONE Structure founder Marc Bouvet: “Our architectural design team has carefully crafted this series of energy efficient homes with a minimalistic approach that merges interior and exterior elements to create a well-integrated living environment.” What he said!

The smallest units in the line start for just $650,000. The company is currently offering pre-designed  homes in Ontario, Quebec, and California, with the intention of soon expanding to other markets.

BONE Structure’s homes are intentionally made easy to build, and can be constructed incredibly quickly. The rapid building times were inspired by clients in Western Canada and California who had lost homes due to the recent wildfires that have plagued the areas. The company says their homes are assembled at a rate of 1000 square feet per week. You’ll be ready to throw those backyard parties in no time.