5 TVs That Blend in Stealthily with Your Furniture

They may have slimmed down a lot since the days of cathode-ray tubes, but traditional television sets still become unfortunately large eyesores between episodes of Game of Thrones. Until now, that is. Inspired by pull-down projector screens, the TV is finally starting to adopt its own strategies to stay incognito when you aren’t in the middle of a binge-watch. Consider this change from our previously scheduled programming a sign of the times: where once we were all for positioning giant screens front and centre in our homes, we’re now out to achieve a more disciplined relationship with technology. Here are five solutions ready to go into hiding when nothing good’s on.

Samsung Q60R 4K Smart QLED

This 55-inch television’s Ambient Mode feature allows it to mimic the look of the wall behind it, or to serve up essential information like weather forecasts and major headlines in an understated hub interface.

$1,600, samsung.com

LG Signature OLED TV R

This soon-to-launch showpiece delivers the ultimate special effect: its super-thin screen rolls up like a rug as it retracts into a rectangular metal base. In the meantime, a Gallery Mode on LG’s other new TV sets allows you to display artwork.


Seura Vanity TV

If watching your iPad in the bath is your ultimate stress relief ritual, here’s a less dangerous way to get your HBO fix. These LED-framed mirrors integrate a 19-inch television that disappears completely when it comes time to shave.

FROM $3,100 USD, seura.com

Panasonic Vitrine

Designed in collaboration with furniture manufacturer Vitra, this flashy prototype, unveiled during April’s Milan Design Week, passes as a sheet of transparent glass when turned off. As for the unobtrusive modern sculpture’s production date: stay tuned.


Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony

Fire up this futuristic set, and the unit’s two oak panels fold down to either side as a 77-inch screen rises behind them — delivering the same exciting sense of ceremony as curtains opening at a theatre.

€18,500, bang-olufsen.com