The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept Makes This Whole Sustainability Thing Look Really Good

Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz gave us a glimpse into its electric future. Sure, one can argue said electric future is kind of already happening, so where does an automaker go from there? The answer, it appears, is to double down on sustainability.

Enter the Vision EQS electric sedan concept — a peek at what the S-Class might look like someday, and a hint at how well luxury products could fit into the green space. Not only does it boast a fully-variable battery-electric drive platform, it’s also made using vegan leather, recycled post-consumer plastic, and locally sourced wood from forests that value conservation and sustainability.

The EQS will use two electric motors to create more than 469 horsepower and about 560 lb-ft of torque. It’s also said to squeeze up to 700 kilometres of range out of a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Mercedes-Benz says some of their battery cells are set to be produced using renewable resources, because they’re clearly going all-in on this “helping the planet” thing.

It also helps that the car looks gorgeous. The sculpted, aerodynamic exterior features a “360° Light Belt,” which, essentially, is a long, thin light that wraps around the car, separating the cockpit from the body. At the front, a digital grille contains 940 LEDs that can be used to signal a turn.

Mercedes-Benz says the interior “draws its inspiration from the world of luxury yachts.” Indeed, the inside of the car looks much like the deck of a boat, but it’s also lined with a leather alternative that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. The roof liner, meanwhile, has been formed out of a “high-quality textile that was created by adding a quantity of recycled ‘ocean waste’ plastic.”

Whether the production version of this car ever hits the market or not, it’s clear Mercedes-Benz is using it to signify that it intends to go beyond simply switching to electric mobility by employing an all-encompassing carbon neutral approach. It seems the future will consist of environmentally conscious luxury cars as opposed to flying ones — but if sustainability looks like this, then we’re all for it.