Formula E’s Sixth Season Brings Its Biggest Energy Surge Yet


Walk a hundred metres from the track at a Formula E race and the futuristic whirs of the cars competing would register as just a faint whisper. Since holding its first series in 2014, Formula E has established itself as exactly what motorsports has been waiting for: clean, quiet, electric — and exciting. So exciting, in fact, that HUGO BOSS — a brand that has been dressing race-car drivers for over 40 years — has made Formula E the sole focus of its motorsports investment. To hear CEO Mark Langer explain it, the move was inspired by Formula E’s pure forward momentum. “It’s completely rejuvenating motorsports,” he says. Here’s how.

1 “Quantum Leaps in Car Performance”

Formula E debuted its second generation of vehicles during the 2018–2019 season — with Gen3 cars in the pipeline for 2021. While batteries are standardized across the board, each team is allowed to build its own motor and gearbox. Here’s how the electric race car clocks in.

Top Speed: 280 km/h

Power: 250kW (~340 hp)

Acceleration: 0–100km/h in 2.8 sec

Battery Life: 39 laps

“New Heroes, and VIP Star Power”

Along with celeb drivers — and BOSS ambassadors — like André Lotterer, Formula E features regular appearances from the Hollywood crowd. This year’s Cannes Film Festival saw the premiere of And We Go Green, a Leo DiCaprio–produced docufilm celebrating Formula E’s environmental efforts. The best place to spot VIPs on race day: in the BOSS EMotion Club overlooking the track.

3 “Arcade-Style Power-Ups”

To keep competition fierce, Formula E mimics the temporary boosts of racing video games.

Attack Mode: Grants a short power surge to drivers who pass along the edge of the track.

Fan Boost: Gives another energy top-up to the drivers with the most online followers.

“Exotic Locales”

Thanks to their lower volume, Formula E faceoffs can take place in central locations spanning five continents. Season 6 kicks off November 22 in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, while future races span from Paris to Istanbul. Cutting-edge tech in the foreground, with the Eiffel Tower and ancient Andes mountains in the background — a timeless combo.

“A Look Into the Garage of The Future”

Formula E has strong support from premium carmakers and, as Porsche suggested at the launch of its newly unveiled Taycan, the cutting-edge innovations they develop for their race cars will likely trickle down to your own driveway. A new team forged by a union between HUGO BOSS, Porsche, and TAG Heuer hit the racetrack for the first time this November — and with that kind of brand power behind it, expect big things.

Stylish Partnerships

Inspired by their partnership on the racetrack, HUGO BOSS recently launched a Porsche x BOSS fashion capsule. “We found there’s a good overlap in terms of our aesthetics, but also our sustainability cultures,” explains Langer. The latest collection — available now — includes trousers in a technical bi-stretch fabric, plus a suit that matches the red stripes in Porsche’s logo.