The Gift That Really Keeps On Giving: Jack Black Grooming Products


Here’s a question we get asked a lot: what to get for the man who has everything? And while we’re not sure there’s ever such a thing, a great option is something that will make the person on your list feel good. And not just in the seconds after they rip the wrapping off the box. We’re thinking something that really lasts. Something like a wellness retreat, only without the time commitment and the awkward slipper-footed small talk.

To our minds, the best shower and skincare products deliver the equivalent of a great spa day — the cool Nordic kind, built in some cluster of cabins in the woods with lots of great soaking pools — every day. Jack Black’s grooming products are something that they’ll be using for the whole year. And as the ultimate bonus, the products deliver more than just the immediate satisfaction of relaxing scents and soothing skin agents during morning use — they nourish skin to keep it in great shape all winter long.

Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather

For those who can’t start the day without a fresh shave, there’s nothing better than a clean-scented, revivifying shave cream. This special formula creates three hydrating layers between the blade and the skin to minimize irritation and maximize the refreshing feeling of a clean, close shave. Macadamia nut oil hydrates, while soybean and jojoba oils moisturize.

$17 at

Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

This is a hard-working cleanser for your hardest-working friends or loved ones — the guys who relish the ritual of washing the day away each evening, before starting all over again. The formula includes volcanic ash and glycolic acid, which both act as natural exfoliators, and kaolin clay, which helps draw out impurities and control oiliness.

$42 at

Turbo Body Spray

A quick spritz of Jack Black’s Turbo Body Spray ranks as one of life’s more pleasing pick-me-ups, right up there with that gently warmed towel on a transatlantic flight or breathing in the morning mist off the lake when you’re up early at the cottage. With notes of eucalyptus, fresh spearmint and rosemary, it’s a refreshing addition post-shower, or even as a daily fragrance on its own.

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Beard Oil

Anyone who’s ever grown a beard — or lived with someone with a beard — knows the value of a good beard oil. Jack Black’s version uses an exclusive blend of natural oils, antioxidants and vitamins to help smooth the beard and hydrate the skin underneath. If the man on your gift list sports facial hair, this is indispensible.

$32 at

Double Duty Face Moisturizer

There are two sure ways to take care of your skin, and this product combines both of them: moisturizer, and sunscreen. With SPF 20 protection, this multi-tasking product protects against sun exposure while treating with natural moisturizers and a wealth of vitamins. It’s not just double duty — it’s win-win.

$60 at

Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser

Something special for someone truly special. This dual-purpose cleaners is part of the Black Reserve collection, a new line that features a signature scent of cardamom and red cedarwood accentuated by lavender, bergamot, coriander and patchouli. It’s a hard-working formula that’s also remarkably refined — just like, well, you know who.

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