8 (Mostly) Equipment-Free Workouts to Keep You Fit While You WFH

If you thought WFH meant a break from working out, think again. But you don’t need a gym membership to stay shredded – everything you need is right here at home. So, if you’re WFH and want to maintain your #gainz, here are 8 (mostly) equipment-free exercises you need to stay in shape:

The Pushup


You know it, you hate it, but there’s a reason it’s the first on our list. Pushups activate every muscle in your body. Start with your chest nearly touching the floor, then push upwards, keeping your head, glutes, and heels in a straight line. Fifty daily reps will go a long way.

The Lunge

Antonio Saba/Getty

Start in a standing position, take one huge step forward, then lower your upper body until your knee is at a 90-degree bend. Repeat with the opposite leg. Your glutes and calves will thank you later.

The Squat

Sergio Pedemonte/Unsplash

High school teachers used to use wall squats as punishment, but they’re phenomenal for your thighs. With your back flat and your feet hip-width apart, lower yourself until your knees bend at 90 degrees. Hold it for a minute — if you can.

The Plank


If you could hold it for longer than a minute, you’re some kind of hero – but a minute will suffice in helping you work your way to a six-pack. The plank is a core strength exercise that strengthens your spine and abdominal muscles – it should be an essential part of your at-home workout routine.

The Side Plank

Li Sun/Pexels

A side plank is similar to a regular plank in terms of setup and benefits. In a side plank, form matters a little more. Make sure your hips are in line with the rest of your body for a more intense muscle stretch.

The Burpee


If you’re looking to burn fat, the burpee is your friend . A cardio-forward full-body exercise that’ll help you look #shredded without leaving your bedroom.

The Pullup

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If you have a home gym with a bar, you’re finally going to get some use out of it. Otherwise, get creative with a door frame or any other high bar you could think of. The pullup (when done properly) hits every muscle in the body and is a key component in arm and ab development.

The Box Jump

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If you have an old shipping box laying around or bought one in the hopes of starting a home gym, grab it and get ready to do some box jumps. The box jump is great for your lower-body, just make sure that you’re bending your hips and knees and not putting too much pressure on your joints. Be sure to step off the box rather to give your knees a much-needed rest.