Sharp Cocktail Hour: The Dalmore’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky Is the Secret to Spectacular Spring Cocktails


Right now, you’re probably gearing up for another jam-packed weekend of toggling between your couch and your kitchen. But fear not, you can still look forward to the best part of your day: cocktail hour. From 4 to 6pm (not a hard and fast rule) change into your finest sweats, get the crew on Zoom (or Houseparty if you’re feeling competitive) and cheers to the weekend with The Dalmore’s single malt scotch whisky, the secret to great spring cocktails.

From its distillery in the Scottish Highlands, The Dalmore has been crafting smooth single malt scotch whisky for 150 years in rare, hand-selected casks from the finest bodegas and wineries in the world. Here, three recipes for classic cocktails from the single malt masters.

Jerez Sour

Dalmore 12 is aged for nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, after which half is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years to craft a whisky with a distinct sweetness and rich, sherried flavours.

• 50ml/2oz The Dalmore 12
• 20ml/1oz Lemon Juice
• 10ml/ 1/3oz simple syrup
• Dash of Angostura Bitters
• 1 egg white
Splash of sherry

Pour The Dalmore, lemon juice, syrup and egg whites into a Boston shaker. Shake and pour over an ice cube in a rocks glass. Top off with sherry.

Mackenzie High Ball

The Dalmore Port Wood is a smooth single malt matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and aged Tawny Port pipes for finishing notes of rich plums and blood oranges.

• 37.5ml/1.25oz The Dalmore 12 or Port Wood
• 12.5ml/0.5oz Tawny Port
• 12.5ml/0.5oz Raspberry syrup
Soda water
Orange wedge

Put ice into a highball. Pour over The Dalmore, the Port and the syrup. Top off with soda water and garnish with an orange peel.

The Dalmore Old Fashioned

Enrich your Old Fashioned with notes of vanilla, dried fruits and Seville oranges with The Dalmore 12 for a twist on a timeless cocktail.

• 50ml/20oz The Dalmore
• 2 Angostura bitter
• 10ml/ ¼ oz of simple syrup
Orange peel or cocktail sherry

Pour The Dalmore and the simple syrup into a rocks glass. Add the bitters and a large ice cube. Stir and garnish with orange peel or cocktail sherry.