Ask Harry: Harry Rosen’s VP of Digital Has Menswear In His Blood

Canada’s leading luxury menswear retailer Harry Rosen just unveiled its refreshed website with an improved digital offering to help guide your WFH style. We spoke to Harry’s VP of Digital Ian Rosen about what’s cool this season.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is grounded around the simple idea that I have to love what I’m wearing and it has to be comfortable. There is nothing better than the confidence you get when you put on that favourite blue sweater or that perfect-fitting pair of jeans. I realized a few years ago that I was always so excited the day I picked up the dry cleaning or did the laundry so I would have my favourites back in my closet — so I made it a rule that nothing comes home that I don’t get really excited about wearing. I’m a pretty big sneaker-head and am loving how the fashion world has introduced so many ways to pair sneakers back to more formal looks. As a rule, I generally don’t wear too much colour (grey, blue, black) and leave louder colours for awesome layering pieces like vests or an incredible sports jacket.

What item or trend are you most excited about this season?
The knitwear our buying team pulled together for the Fall/Winter season is incredible. Long-sleeved polos and fun weaves and textures give a ton of ways to pair things back to a great sports jacket or a casual weekend outfit. Special mention to the incredible selection of lightweight down vests we have too, which provide a perfect layering option when fall weather starts to roll in.

What’s your work-from-home outfit? Any advice for men on dressing down while still looking sharp?
Work from home is obviously about comfort, but I think it’s critical to ensure you feel like you’re put together and ready to take on the day. For me, being “Zoom-ready” usually starts with a pair of Paige jeans or some of the great dressy jogger pants from Boss or Moncler. On top I’m generally in a polo and one of the great sweater-jacket options we have from Maurizio Baldassari. My house runs very cold so layers are key. My newest trick is to designate a pair of “inside shoes” (Moncler Monaco sneakers) so I’m not walking around in socks the entire day.

Let’s talk outerwear. How are you planning on staying warm this winter?
We’re all going to be outside a lot this fall, so your jacket is going to be the focal point of your outfit and it’s going to be key to have options! The best investment, at least in my opinion, is a jacket with a removable down insert and hood so you can wear it further into the season. Some of the options from Moorer and our Harry Rosen brand with Loro Piana storm system fabrics are incredible. Of course when the temperature really drops I’ll be bundled up in my Canada Goose Expedition!

How has becoming a dad influenced your style choices?
Question number one has become “how easy will this be to clean” because my clothes are never safe! I’m really starting to appreciate how brands like ZZegna and BOSS are integrating technical fabrics into their products that wash really well but still don’t leave you wearing an old T-Shirt. Of course, playtime has me crawling all over the place and so Patrick Assaraf tees, Wings & Horns slubs and Reigning Champ sweats are core pieces in my wardrobe right now.

The Sharp Edit

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