LG’s OLED TVs with ThinQ AI Are the Perfect Complement to Your Space

LG & Sharp

There’s a reason interior designers notoriously hate televisions: the sets can become the unwieldy focal point to any room. Couches must be arranged around them; wall space must be devoted to them, rather than a good piece of art. Often, the TV gets concealed behind armoire doors or relegated to basement rec rooms — even though it’s one of the most-used items in the house. But LG’s new lineup of OLED televisions are almost like pieces of art in themselves. Thanks to a specially designed wall mount, the LG GX OLED with ThinQ® — which measures a mere 20 millimetres thick — hangs completely flush to the wall, with no unsightly gap whatsoever. Even without anything playing on the screen, that’s a breathtaking feat of design.

What makes the TV’s depth — or lack thereof — all the more impressive is the slate of features packed inside, including:

• Unparalleled picture quality. The self- lighting OLED pixels allow for intense colour and infinite contrast, making for incredibly sharp 4K images.

• The a9 Gen 3 processer powered by LG ThinQ® AI analyzes content and ambient conditions to optimize picture and sound quality.

• Dolby VisionTM IQ and Dolby Atmos® create a cinematic experience by adjusting picture settings based on light conditions and content, and adds multi-dimensional surround sound.

• Sports Alert provides real-time notifications on sporting events, so you can go all-in on the Leafs game even if the Raptors are on your mind.

In other words, it’s a television that looks as good on as it does off — we think in that order. So go ahead and give it pride of place in your home. We think your interior designer will agree.


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