The SHARP List: Our 2021 Gift Guide for Gearheads

Building a gift guide for car lovers is equal parts joy and torture. Along the way, one finds all sorts of interesting new things and experiences that start stacking onto the wants list. In turn, the wants list inadvertently grows exponentially longer, and unless you have a very loving partner or family, the odds of striking everything off said list this holiday season are rather slim. So, do the car lover in your life a favour; short of unwrapping the keys to a new Aston Martin, these are the next-best gifts for the modern gearhead.

RCLUB Toronto Membership

RCLUB 2021 auto gift guide in post
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RCLUB in Toronto is a garage/social club for petrolheads that also happens to have an extensive collection of carefully curated cars for members to drive. You get a car collection without the hassle of actually owning old cars, and you might even make some new friends too. (Price upon request.)

Private Photo Shoot

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Chances are the car person in your life already has hundreds of photos of his or her car, all snapped hastily on an iPhone. But, how many of those photos are good enough to frame? Probably none. Nothing says I-support-your-car-habit like hiring a professional photographer – such as Toronto’s preeminent automotive snapper Lucas Scarfone – to do a photoshoot with a loved one’s beloved car. (Prices upon request.)

Photo courtesy of Lucas Scarfone

TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition

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While many luxury watches have some level of connection to the automotive world, few brands have maintained said connection as diligently as TAG Heuer. Their partnerships have been scattered across various brands, race teams, and even racing organizations, but this year it’s been the partnership with Porsche that’s caught our eye of late. It’s a sharp 44mm mechanical chronograph with a textured dial, powered by Heuer Calibre 02 self-winding movement. TAG has already sold out of the version offered on a leather strap, but the stainless steel bracelet version is still on offer for now. ($7,500)

Dice Magazine

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The next best thing to riding a motorcycle, is reading great stories about motorcycles and the people who love them. Dice magazine describes itself as a publication for people who, “want to see motorcycles being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world.” The magazine offers a little peak into the raddest parts of the motorcycle universe. ($12.95 USD)


lifelong obsession action ktm... 2021 auto gift guide in post
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This past summer, the sport of motocross boomed as a wave of new young riders – some still in kindergarten – tried riding a dirt bike for the first time. If there’s a budding little ripper in your life, this is what they want to unwrap this year. Thanks to its variable power levels, the all-electric KTM SX-E 5 is friendly to learn on, but fast enough to race. It’s a KTM, just like the pros ride, but its silent electric motor won’t annoy the neighbours. ($6,099)

L’Art De L’Automobile Gear

dream team swag Kar / L'ART DE L'AUTOMOBILE 2021 auto gift guide in post
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We’re here for the ongoing mashup of car-culture and streetwear, because it’s producing gems like this long-sleeve tee from Kar / L’ART DE L’AUTOMOBILE. (EUR$150)

Ferrari Stock

Ferrari stock 2021 auto gift guide in post
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Since gifting a Ferrari for Christmas isn’t always practical, try one share of Ferrari stock. A framed, personalized replica of the stock certificate will look great in any garage. Who knows, if Ferrari stock goes on a good run, maybe a blood-red supercar is in the cards after all. ($498 USD)

Vintage Automotive Gear

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The Detached Garments Instagram account is overflowing with sweet car-themed swag from the ‘90s and ‘00s. A vintage Porsche cap, an original BMW Motorsports tee – there’s no cooler way to let your gearhead flag fly. You can’t go wrong with any of the unique, carefully-curated pieces this shop digs up. (Various prices.)

Photo courtesy of Detached Garments

Bowlus Terra Firma Trailer

cabin on wheels Bowlus 2021 auto gift guide in post
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After helping to build the famed Spirit of St. Louis aircraft, designer and engineer Hawley Bowlus turned his attention to overland travel. In 1934, Bowlus was the first to complete a riveted aluminum travel trailer. Today, the company that bears his name still makes trailers the same way, only now they’re outfitted with every modern luxury and interiors worthy of Architectural Digest. It is undeniably extravagant, but unlike most campers, these are built to last generations. (From $215,000 USD)

Ferrari Collector’s Book

Ferrari Collector's Book 2021 auto gift guide in post
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For car lovers — and collectors — this is a must. This limited edition, leather-bound collector’s book tells the history of Scuderia Ferrari with hundreds of exclusive, never-before-seen photos and documents, making for an unbelievable coffee table book or gift. ($7,630)