Louis Vuitton Bends Fashion Rules With Men’s Pre-Fall 2022 ‘Daybreak’ Capsule Collection

The indisputably talented Virgil Abloh created many collections for Louis Vuitton but his vision was always informed by the same principle: to create collections based on clothes that people actually wear. Launching in-stores this March is the fashion house’s latest capsule collection, ‘Daybreak,’ the second chapter of the Pre-Fall 2022 Men’s Collection by the late Men’s Artistic Director — a collection made up of pieces rooted in tradition while simultaneously challenging it.

An exploration and preview into the spring wardrobe, the capsule collection sees the norms of sportswear and workwear freely fuse and intertwine — typically tailored trousers are given baggy volume and paired with blousons instead of blazers, a wool varsity jacket is given leather elements, and more — it’s a melange of dress codes that somehow completely works — as if this was the way they were always meant to be worn.

If that wasn’t pushing the limits of typical fashion “rules” enough, you’ll never guess what the new interpretation of a three-piece suit looks like. Formal silhouettes composed of jackets, trousers, and wrap skirts where shirts swap places with roll-necks. The idea of the “new suit” also takes shape in a matching black denim jacket and trouser set. To carry on the theme of switching and combining dress codes, say goodbye to the traditional idea of a formal shoe — and replace it with LV Trainers with strap detailing, in plenty of colourways to choose from. Pairing the contemporary idea of a suit with some stylish trainers? While not the norm, it’s certainly a look that continues to gain popularity in many circles.

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While the garments are the main event of the capsule, the location of the collection is certainly significant. Built by Le Corbusier, one of Abloh’s design heroes, the Firminy complex in Lyon plays backdrop here. The unique creative practices of the designer and the architect mimic the theme of the fashion collection — a melding and fusing of two separate entities to create something functional yet radical and revolutionary.

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection by Virgil Abloh Pre-Fall 2022 ‘Daybreak’ will be delivered to stores in March 2022.