Strike Gold With Paco Rabanne’s Newest Fragrance

Introduced back in 2008, 1 Million is Paco Rabanne’s most successful men’s fragrance. Now, at long last, the French fashion house is rolling out a new addition to the line: 1 Million Elixir. Created by perfumers Quentin Bisch and Christophe Raynaud (the latter is one of the noses behind the original 1 Million), the brand’s latest fragrance is pushing the iconic line forward.

For a fragrance this well-known, that’s no easy task. And for Raynaud and Bisch, this meant making 1 Million Elixir bolder and richer than its forebear. “I was inspired by the raw materials emblematic of perfumery [in the] Middle East, like saffron, cèdre Atlas, and, of course, the amazing and unique Damask rose,” says Raynaud. “I love this mood; [it’s] rich, opulent, and complex.”

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1 Million Elixir certainly puts its raw materials, hand-picked by Raynaud and Bisch, on full display. Top notes include sweet apple oil and hints of Davana leaves. Next, a layer of Turkish rose and osmanthus — the latter, floral with notes of leather and apricot — combines with wild-grown tonka beans. Endnotes include lingering Davana, along with patchouli, cedar wood, and black vanilla seed. “When I create a perfume, I’m like an architect; I think about [its] structure,” says Bisch, explaining the process of building layers of scent into a package that’s coherent yet intriguing.

Of course, a fragrance like this — bold and rich — requires an appropriate bottle. For 1 Million Elixir, this comes in the form of a cheeky visual metaphor that fans of the original 1 Million are well acquainted with: a gold bar. “It was the first time that humour appeared in perfume,” Raynaud says of 1 Million’s launch back in the late 2000s. The brand has maintained this air of tongue-in-cheek fun, leaving the bottle untouched save for the addition of a striking black triangle that represents the scent’s new, bolder direction.

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Times have changed since 1 Million first hit shelves, and Paco Rabanne has kept up. Not only is the made- in-France fragrance vegan, adhering to the company’s cruelty-free policy, but 91 per cent of its ingredients are of natural origin. Even its recyclable packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. Now that’s how you update an icon.

Learn more about the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Elixir here.