Bare Essentials: A Guide to Grooming With Jack Black

It should go without saying that a good skincare regimen — for both face and body — offers therapeutic benefits (alongside the obvious aesthetic ones). The simple act of caring for your skin stimulates the senses in the morning and helps ease you into bed in the evening by removing the day’s residual grime. The prospect of such a daily routine can often feel daunting, especially with the endless medley of options and opinions that flood the Internet. That said, assembling a skincare arsenal is not as difficult as it may seem. A simple two-minute, twice-daily routine will help you uncover a more rejuvenated (not to mention confident) self.


jack black cleanser

A simple yet efficient cleanser — one that is not laced with moisture-depleting agents — is the first steptoward amorefresh-facedappearance.Jack Black’s Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, which combines the complementary effects of a cleanser and a toner, will leave your face feeling refreshed and immaculate without an uncomfortable drying sensation. Active ingredients like oat- and coconut-derived surfactants gently wash and break down sebum and dirt, while aloe extract provides a calming effect. Better yet, this cleanser can also be added to a pre-shave ritual to wipe away the dirt and debris that can lead to nicks and pesky razor burn, and to soften the skin and facial hair for a smoother razor glide.


jack black moisturizer

Now that the face has been transformed into a clean canvas, it’s time to apply the right products that offer hydration, moisturization, and protection from preventable damage or premature aging. Jack Black’s Double-Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a daily emollient that is chock-full of helpful ingredients. The anti-inflammatory properties of blue algae extract help create a supple exterior, and phospholipids bind moisture to the skin to support its natural barrier. The addition of UVA and UVB absorbers provides some necessary sun protection without unwanted residual white smears, eliminating the need for a separate sunscreen. For those seeking an extra dose of revitalization, the Eye Balm De-Puffing & Cooling Gel helps alleviate signs of fatigue with its blend of chamomile extract and vitamins A, C, and E — perfect for Monday morning conferences.


jack black body buff

It’s important to give the rest of your body some attention and care, too. After a high-impact workout or hard day’s work, adding a thorough body scrub to an evening shower will heighten the feeling of cleanliness. Jack Black’s Charcoal Body Buff Exfoliating Cleanser neutralizes odours, absorbs dirt, and effectively scrubs away dead skin with its natural volcanic stone particles, leaving the skin silky-smooth.

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