Sustainable Spirit: Belvedere Vodka Goes Green

In a world filled with eco-friendly buzzwords and promises of a greener tomorrow, consumers are often left questioning how extensive and effective a brand’s sustainability practices really are. We all want to see more comprehensive corporate responsibility when it comes to the brands we buy, and of all the spirits brands out there, it seems Belvedere Vodka is leading the charge.

As with many brands, packaging was a hurdle in need of immediate attention. Impressively, the Polish producer has eliminated 95 per cent of single-use plastic from its supply chain, and has been implementing more eco-friendly design for all new products and any point-of-sale marketing materials. The brand intends to shed another 50 per cent of its plastics use, to increase the use of recycled plastics by half, and to move to recycled glass by 2025.

belvedere vodka

The energy consumed during spirit production in general is significant, but Belvedere has been making strides here too. Between 2012 and 2018, the brand reduced its carbon emissions by 42 per cent. But for Belvedere and its parent company, Moët Hennessy, this initial step was little more than the tip of the iceberg. In early 2021, Belvedere opened its on-site biomass plant, a facility capable of producing 100 per cent renewable energy, which the company expects will slash its carbon emissions by 80 per cent and make it nearly carbon neutral by the end of 2022.

On the other end of the spectrum, Belvedere has been sourcing all its ingredients from certified and traceable organic sources since 2021, and aims for its farming partners to be certified organic by 2023 and for all intake to be 100 per cent organic and traceable by 2025. Belvedere is also working to help restore local landscapes through a regenerative soil program to be launched in Poland in an effort to protect the natural character of agricultural terroirs.

belvedere vodka

Compound this with ongoing efforts to curb water waste and it’s safe to say that Belvedere’s efforts go far above and beyond the usual marketing fluff. Aside from offering a proper premium product, Belvedere has positioned itself as a leader in the world of sustainable spirits — and that’s worth raising a glass to.