The 19 Best Dressed Men of the Met Gala 2023

In stark contrast to last year, where the Gilded Glamour theme left things quite open-ended, the 2023 Met Gala delivered an ode to one of fashions modern icons. The theme of Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty left stylists far more constrained, though that didn’t stop some of the gala’s attendees from going miles over the top. Rather than focusing on the outlandish and absurd, our eyes were fixed on the many best dressed men on the carpet this year.

Ke Huy Quan — Dior

Ke Huy Quan Met Gala
Photo Credit: Taylor Hill / Contributor via Getty Images

Ke Huy Quan learned a thing or two from his universe-travelling blockbuster Everything Everywhere All At Once. At the Met Gala, Quan seemed to arrive from an alternate reality in which he was Karl Lagerfeld’s personal muse; silver jewelry glazed his black tie while fingerless leather gloves exposed numerous gem-studded rings. Quan’s pinstripe Dior suit was a masterclass in tailoring, while his wrist — adorned with an Omega Speedmaster ’57 Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph — fused elegance with functionality.

Idris Elba — Gucci

idris elba met gala
Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/MG23 / Contributor via Getty Images

These days it feels like Idris Elba is swagger, personified. From his red carpet appearances, to his wonderfully polished casual fits on the street, Elba has it all dialled in and looks effortless in the process. Even this Gucci number — the cut, the curves, the collar; this is prime red carpet material that hits the Lagerfeld nods without feeling like it’s costume. After seeing some of the celebs walking into the Met Gala, more than a few could learn some lessons here.

Barry Keoghan — Burberry

Barry Keoghan Met Gala
Photo Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

One of several Met Gala freshmen that made a grand first impression, Barry Keoghan’s full Burberry suiting did not leave us wanting. The pattern, the collar, the boxy fit giving us cozy pyjama vibes; it was all smiles as Keoghan meandered across the carpet. We’ll admit, we were surprised to see that a few other attendees were clad in these same Burberry colours this year, albeit in slightly different looks and fits.

Pedro Pascal — Valentino

Pedro Pascal Met Gala
Photo Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, can this man do anything wrong these days? Clad in bright red Valentino, Pascal carries a levity about him that belies the somber characters he so often portrays. If I were to nitpick, I wouldn’t have opted for the slicked back hair, but the whole package — proportions, fit, vibe — all work just the way they are.

Kristen Stewart — Chanel

Kristen Stewart Met Gala
Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

The raw power of this gender-neutral look alone would be grounds for us to include Kristen Stewart in this list, but there’s so much more to this story. Well over a decade ago, Stewart became close with Lagerfeld himself, becoming one of his muses and ultimately landing as a Chanel ambassador in 2013 — a role she still holds today. The look she opted for is pulled from Chanel’s 2016 runway show in Cuba, though it still feels perfectly aligned with the current fashion moment.

Robert Pattinson — Dior

Robert Pattinson met gala 2
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

One of two of our selects where a photograph with a significant other was required, though in this particular case it wasn’t for lack of available photos of Pattinson standing solo. Somehow in nearly all of his solo shots, his left foot forward posture repeatedly hid the beauty of this asymmetric look. His Dior suiting is a classic Kim Jones drape coat, drawing on a blend of classic tailoring and something adjacent sci-fi aristocrat energy. It’s very Pattinson, and very Lagerfeld-infused, between the Chanel-esque broach and flow of the skirt drape. Now if only more photographers could have captured it in motion…

Dwyane Wade — Prada

dwayne wade met gala
Photo Credit: John Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

Ex-NBA baller Dwyane Wade has been known to turn up looking quite sharp wherever he goes, and though arguably a bit understated, his Met Gala look this year easily earned him a spot amongst the year’s best dressed men. Dressed in all-black Prada, the Mandarin collar leather shirt draws the eye instantly from beneath his tailored three quarter length coat.

Rami Malek — Prada

Rami Malek Met Gala
Photo Credit Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

While on the topic of low key, Rami Malek’s 2023 look proved that understated doesn’t have to mean underdressed. Malek’s white vest wrapped tightly over a simple white shirt, letting a green and silver pin steal the show. The accessories didn’t stop there; Malek’s black Cartier watch embodied the idea of “quiet luxury.”

P. Diddy — Sean John

p diddy met gala
Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

P. Diddy’s self-titled fashion line Sean John made a splash as the musician-turned-designer’s 2023 look marked the brand’s Met Gala debut. Flowers cascaded down a jet-black cape, while gems glittered across Diddy’s suit collar. The look, daring in its darkness, paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s penchant for pearls while maintaining Diddy’s uniquely dramatic vision.

Jared Leto — Gucci (and a Catsuit)

Jared Leto Met Gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

No one has escaped the reporting on Leto’s Met Gala appearance; yes, he did indeed show up dressed in a full blown catsuit, paying tribute to Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette. Dramatic as it is, Leto knows no other way to arrive other than to go full on absurdist. There’s a reason he’s our only repeat best-dressed, and its entirely on account of what was beneath all the fur. This fantastic cape, dress, and trouser number — all Gucci, of course — is peak “villain of the ball”.

Pusha T — Thom Browne

Pusha T Met Gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

Though Pusha T was another Met Gala rookie, his appearance on the red carpet made it clear that he too understood the assignment. A long-time Thom Browne wearer and friend of the brand, his look used Lagerfeld’s love of tweed at Chanel as its base, but according to a recent Vanity Fair interview, the connection to the theme was as much about persona as it was aesthetic. “There’s an energy that he gives off. A confidence. I wanted to make sure the outfit was something that I could wear with that same confidence.

Eddie Redmayne — Alexander McQueen

eddie redmayne met gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

For years, we’ve mostly only seen Eddie Redmayne playing it safe with classic tailoring — albeit always polished — but his Met Gala look by Alexander McQueen shakes off that stodgy conservatism beautifully. The clustering of broaches and chains across the suit jacket tips a hat to Lagerfeld, as does the choice of shirt collar and tie. The cut of the trousers provides an interesting contrast, being a touch out of the ordinary without detracting from the upper half of the look.

Taika Waititi — Atelier Prabal Gurung

Taika Watiti met gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

Can’t choose between a suit and a dress? New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi makes a convincing case for compromise. Outfitted in a floor-length overcoat accentuated by lengthy pearl chains, Waititi pushed the boundaries of convention. His high-waisted white trousers complemented the long coat; his look memorializes the ephemeral nature of a fashion sketch, its loose fabric giving the impression of gesture.

Jackson Wang — Louis Vuitton

jackson wang met gala
Photo Credit: John Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

In his Met Gala debut, K-Pop artist Jackson Wang lit up the steps. From the neck down, the star was covered in expertly-tailored black attire: the ensemble synthesized Lagerfeld’s trademark suit-and-sunglasses look with Wang’s classic fitted monochrome. From his cat-eye shades to his shiny-heeled boots and tapered trousers, Wang stunned.

Shai Gilgeous Alexander — Thom Browne

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander MET GALA
Photo Credit: John Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

Shai Gilgeous Alexander cemented his status as a Met Gala mainstay with this year’s look. Alexander’s Thom Browne outfit didn’t shy away from Lagerfeld’s trademark layering. For outwear, he sported a custom white tweed jacket over black-and-white pouf tweed cardigan. Just beneath his high-collared white button-down, Alexander layered two necklaces (one black, one white, of course). With tuxedo trousers resting just above his shiny black boots, Alexander’s 2023 look is one for the books.

Simu Liu — Versace

Simu Liu Met Gala
Photo Credit: John Shearer / Contributor via Getty Images

We can’t recap the latest Gala without mentioning Marvel star Sims Liu (and former SHARP cover star) — from his high and tight collar to his exquisite leather gloves, Liu made a statement. Liu punctuated his classic black-and-white look with a brooch from Toni + Chloe Goutal; its antique charm accentuated the graceful look. In a suit equal parts classic and daring, it’s clear that Liu did his homework; we think Lagerfeld would approve.

Bad Bunny —Jacquemus

bad bunny met gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

Not one to blend in, Bad Bunny’s Met Gala look brought a whole new meaning to the adage “business in the front, party in the back.” His white tweed suit — courtesy of French designer Jacquemus — featured a daring slit down the back, recalling deep cuts found in the designs of Lagerfeld’s eponymous label. Bad Bunny paired the suit with a blooming floral train, a motif that evokes Lagerfeld’s famous bridal dresses.

Stefon Diggs — Tommy Hilfiger

Stefon Diggs Met Gala
Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

Trading his football jersey for a uniform of tweed and pearls, Stefon Diggs made an entrance. The Tommy Hilfiger suit enveloped Diggs with the drama of a thundercloud, its stormy greys framed by striking black lapels. His look captured all the glamour of Lagerfeld’s heyday while maintaining the rugged quality of Diggs’ Buffalo. A testament to Diggs’ fashion prowess, Tommy Hilfiger himself sported a matching moody suit of similar fabric and construction for his own Met Gala look.

Russell Westbrook — Bode

Russell Westbrook Met Gala
Photo Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff via Getty Images

For one NBA star, the steps of the Met are no different from the basketball court — both settings are an opportunity for boldness. Russell Westbrook’s Bode ensemble pushed boundaries; floral buttons and black loafers framed a white cardigan (no undershirt necessary), while a pearl necklace and patterned pants completed the look.