Hidden Highlights

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That the 2025 Range Rover Velar is a study in advanced design is obvious at first sight. But, just under the surface, it also offers drivers a suite of state-of-the-art technologies that make it more connected and advanced than ever before.

Consider these seven not-so-obvious innovations:

1. A Quieter Cabin

Active Road Noise Cancellation ensures that this latest Range Rover boasts the quietest cabin in its class. The optional technology works through accelerometers located in each wheel arch that detect vibrations that create road noise, then calculates an audio signal to play over the speakers to reduce the decibel level inside the car.

2. Cleaner Air Cabin

2025 Range Rover Velar Climate Control Panel

Air Purification Plus ensures a healthier interior environment through an advanced filtration system that removes dust particles bigger than 2.5 microns and also manages CO2 levels. Included as part of the Comfort Pack, it helps keeps driver and passengers alert while it cleans cabin air.

3. Wireless Updates

2025 Range Rover Velar

With Software Over The Air technology, the Range Rover Velar can receive updates for 80% of its electronic control units remotely, covering vital systems such as infotainment, navigation, diagnostics and powertrain. This ensures that the vehicle remains up-to-date without a trip to a retailer.

4. Easy Controls

2025 Range Rover Velar

With the cleaner design of the centre console and the 11.4-inch curved touchscreen that controls the PIVI Pro Infotainment System, drivers have everything at their fingertips, including Personal Digital Assistant with Alexa Integration. And a new shortcuts panel and direct access to commonly-used controls allow tasks to be carried out more easily.

5. Superior Sound

2025 Range Rover Velar meridan signature sound system

It’s all about the audio. Advanced Meridian audio options include immersive 16-speaker 3D Surround Sound System with high-fidelity playback, subwoofer and 750W amplifier power. But a range of powerful sound systems are available in this newest Range Rover Velar, including the Meridian 3D Surround Sound System, which uses up to 17 speakers including a dual-channel subwoofer and 750W of amplifier power for an immersive sound experience.

6. Wireless Charging

2025 Range Rover Velar

Say goodbye to tangled cords and cluttered cabin spaces with wireless device charging capabilities that are conveniently built into the centre console. It’s just an easier and less intrusive way for compatible smartphones to be charged on the go.

7. Enhanced Vision

2025 Range Rover Velar

Seeing the world around you is easier thanks to the combination of 3D Surround Camera and Park Assist technology. Providing a 360-degree view of the surroundings and automatically identifying parking spaces, this system enhances visibility and simplifies parking manoeuvres, including parallel and perpendicular parking.

Range Rover Velar 5-2024

The 2025 Range Rover Velar transcends traditional luxury SUVs with its fusion of innovative design and advanced technologies. From ensuring a cleaner and quieter interior to offering seamless connectivity and enhanced safety features, it aims to deliver an unparalleled driving experience that redefines luxury and sophistication on the road. You just might not notice while it’s doing it.

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