12 Ready to Drink Zero-Proof Sips

We’ll save you the somewhat exhaustive “ins” and “outs” new year listicles and simply say that canned mocktails, nonalcoholic beers, and zero proof wine and spirits are all firmly on the incline. Whether or not you’re observing a dry period in pursuit of an alternative imbibing experience or because you straight up don’t want to drink, wider options will forever be an excellent choice. While we think you’ll love our compilation of temperance cocktails from the best bars and restaurants across Canada, we also have some ready to drink options that can be cracked straight from the refrigerator as well as some solid bottles to stock your temperance bar for the next time you host a sober-curious soiree.

Mocktails in a Can

Canned cocktails are firmly on the up — after all, there’s nothing quite like fruity refresh of a mojito. If you want something to sip at home, or to serve sober-curious guests at your next soiree, consider these tried and tested mocktails in a can.

Wild Life: Silent Flight

Silent Flight Raspberry Mojito
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Wild Life distillery in Canmore, Alberta is among those leading the charge for excellent Canadian-made spirits. However they also recognize that many situations call for a nonalcoholic option. Taking their knowledge of their craft and their commitment to tasty drinks, Wild Life have released Silent Flight, a 0% raspberry mojito in an owl adorned can. With just 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar per serve, you can have a hoot without the headache. ($13, 4-count)

Barbet: Love Bite

Barbet love bite
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Barbet make full-flavoured sparkling non alcoholic sips for “curious tastebuds.” Cans are currently available in three flavours: Light Wave (lavender, cucumber and pineapple), Wild Card (a tangy blood orange sip with a dash of jalapeno pepper), and Love Bite (a tarte grapefruit and dash of juniper drink). The latter is currently served a limited edition can dreamed up by Canadian designer, Briony Douglas. For those based in Toronto, Barbet have teamed up with local business to offer community events in January and February. ($39, 12-count)

Atypique: Amaretto Sour

Atypique Dry
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Atypique is a Quebec-born collection of bold and beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails in a multitude of flavours to satiate the thirsty appetites of booze-free cocktail swillers. Zero proof riffs on a mojito, gin and tonic, an Aperol spritz, rum and coke and amaretto sours are all available in colourful cans. We particularly love the sophisticated, sweet almond and bitter citrus blend in the sour and love that it is as simple as pouring a great sip straight into a glass. ($10, 4-count at Voila)

Edna’s: Paloma

Edna's non-alcoholic cans
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A faux-tequila cocktail? Okay, now we’re talking. Edna’s International Wine & Spirits Competition award-winning Paloma has all the usual flavours of tart grapefruit plus a hint of lime and curiously accurate notes of Tequila anejo, with absolutely none of the alcohol. Hailing from British Columbia, but making their way quickly across the rest of Canada, Edna’s have mastered the delivery of 100% taste, 0% ABV. ($17, 4-count)

Zero-Proof Wine

From Nova Scotia’s sugar-free wine spritzers to celebratory bubbles courtesy of Gruvi, wine lovers will have no trouble finding a tasty, zero-proof sip for Dry January and beyond.

Benjamin Bridge: 0.0% Piquette

Benjamin Bridge: Piquette
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Nova Scotia is producing some wonderful sparkling wines, enriching the Canadian-grown wine scene. Benjamin Bridge, in the stunning Gaspereau Valley, have also turned their hands to creating a “wine style” beverage in the form of a sugar-free wine spritzer, made with grape skins, floral botanicals, citrus, and citra hops. ($36, 12-count)

Proxies: Red Ember

Proxies dry January
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Proxies is a Toronto-based company with its roots in condiments. Their experimentations with vinegars eventually led to a line of wine-style bottles. Instead of just working to detoxify wine, Proxies blend grapes, spices, teams and fruits in a complex process of fermentation that leads to a product with great structure and acidity. Designed to pair with dinner, Proxies Red Ember is an excellent addition to aged cheddar cheese plates, steak dishes, hearty winter stews and meaty pastas. ($180, 6-count)

Gruvi: Bubbly Rose

Gruvi dry secco bubbly rose
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We love the elegance of a sparkling celebratory drink and Gruvi are firmly on the case with their Dry Secco and Bubbly Rose, two alcohol-free spritzes that promise to serve up the spirit of a party without the buzz. The Bubbly Rose uses grape skin-contact to achieve its blush colour, with the semi-dry sip delivering balanced fruity sweetness. ($36, 8-count)

Alcohol-Free Beers

Last but certainly not least is nonalcoholic beer. Crack open a cold one and enjoy a hazy pale ale or cherry sour without worrying about a hangover: these picks are deliciously alcohol-free.

iOTA: Blackberry Lemon Ale

iOta Blackberry Lemon Ale )% for dry january
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iOTA craft nonalcoholic beer was founded by Phillips Brewing and Malting Company in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2021. Now with three offers, a pilsner, a Hazy IPA, and the fruity Blackberry Lemon Ale, there are plenty of choices to take to the party, without the fear of a fuzzy head the next morning. The Blackberry and Lemon Ale has just 1 gram of sugar per can and is truly something for sour beer lovers looking for something in the sober category. ($35, 12-count)

Libra Craft Brewing: Stout

Libra 0% dry beer
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Straight from Prince Edward Island to your refrigerator, Libra nonalcoholic craft beers have a wide range of flavours to explore with a pale ale, pilsner, cherry sour, IPA and a stout amid their core range. Limited releases include their Lavender Sage Cream Ale in collaboration with Juno Award-winning musician Serena Ryder. For us, cold months really do call for a rich, chocolatey dark beer and Libra’s Canadian World Beer Silver Award-winning stout delivers with aplomb. ($33, 12-count)


Missing an afternoon gin and tonic or winter-y spiced rum? Check out these zero-proof spirits: you can put a dry January twist on your favourite highballs or simply enjoy on the rocks.

Lyre’s American Malt

Lyre's American Malt
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Meet the Number 1 Top Trending Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand, according to Drinks International. Lyres have a multitude of nonalcoholic riffs on your favourite spirits which allows for translatable mixology. Amaretti, mock gin (and pink gin) offerings, faux tequila, and even an imitation absinthe are available from Lyre’s. As lovers of an old fashioned, we’re somewhat enamoured with their American Malt; think bourbon without the burn. ($45)

Seedlip Spice 94

Seedlip 0% Gin
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Craving a gin and tonic but committed to Dry January? No problem! Seedlip has an excellent range of spirit-free spirits that can cater to the discerning palates of gin swillers. We particularly enjoy the cardamom, oak and citrus-peel forward Seedlip Spice 94 that pairs beautifully with a high-end tonic water, such as a crisp classic Fever Tree.  So good you can easily drink two, which really is no problem at all! ($45)

NOA Spiced Rum

NOA Spiced Rum
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Experinenting with ginger, molasses and roasted pineapple, along with citric acid and cardamom extract, Quebecois beverage brand NOA have developed something akin to a Jamaican rum in the zero alcohol space. Great news for those who want to create a temperance riff on a Dark ‘n’ Stormy. NOA also have an alcohol-free vermouth, amaro and Italian Aperitivo. ($36)

Satiated? We hope so! Whatever the reason behind your decision to explore zero ABV options we hope we have introduced you to your next favourite tasty swill. Happy sipping!