In Harmony: Cartier Celebrates 100 Years of the Iconic Trinity Ring

Created in 1924, Cartier’s iconic Trinity Ring first rose to prominence on the fingers of influential figures such as French poet Jean Cocteau — who playfully wore two of the rings stacked on his left pinky — and actors Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, and Grace Kelly.

The unique design is comprised of three rings and, to mark its 100th anniversary, Cartier has introduced two new pieces to the Trinity collection. These new additions capture the Maison’s values of unity and diversity, and honour the legacy of its founding brothers: Louis, Jacques, and Pierre. The extended range includes an extra-large reissue of a 2004 bracelet, and a new cushion-shaped version of the round Trinity ring, also available as a bracelet and pendant.

cartier trinity ring

When it came to conceptualizing the new Trinity designs, Cartier’s director of watchmaking and jewellery design, Marie-Laure Cérède, took a new, unique approach. “Instead of starting from a hand-drawn sketch,” she explains, “we worked the volume by hand — kneading the material, rolling it, compressing it to isolate a creative direction.” Cérède also compares designing the modular Trinity ring to a Kumiki puzzle, revealing how “the Trinity bands interlocked as one structure, and then [we] designed in reverse to deconstruct them into three.”

This innovative approach to design is reflected in the ring’s versatility; it can be worn in multiple ways, and from day to night. And, beyond its world-class craftsmanship, the evolution of Cartier’s noted Trinity ring also underscores the Maison’s inventive and contemporary spirit, reaffirming its status as a powerhouse jeweller that continues to captivate jewellery lovers, while all the time honouring the legendary archives upon which it stands.