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Ben Kaplan


Stars’ Torquil Campbell Talks Setting Himself on Fire Long Enough to Make a Play About It

The band's new play/concert hybrid, ‘Stars: Together’, premieres November 26.

Edward Norton Is Still Fighting the Good Fight

The actor talks ‘Motherless Brooklyn,’ Bob Dylan, and how to rally for a cause.

Kevin Hearn, of the Barenaked Ladies, May Be the Most Important Person in Canadian Music Right Now

Over the last three decades, he's worked closely with the likes of Gord Downie, Lou Reed, Neil Young, and Tom Jones. This is his incredible story.

Can E-Sports Be Bigger Than the NBA, NFL, NHL, and the Olympic Games? They Already Are

How, e-sports tournaments are turning pro video gamers into the next LeBron.

I Went to Las Vegas with My Dad and Things Got Existential

Ben Kaplan hits the Vegas strip with his pops, rents a convertible Lamborghini, and discovers what it means to be alive and well in the city of lights.

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Making Friends as a Grown Man Is Hard Enough. I Tried Doing It While Running the Boston Marathon

Marathon running is an individual pursuit. But as Ben Kaplan finds, the friendships formed while training for Boston are worth more than any personal best.