How Do I Powerslide a Car?

Lewis Hamilton may make it look inconceivably smooth, but mastering the art of the powerslide requires real skill, real chutzpah, and these instructions:


1. Get yourself a powerful, rear-wheeldrive car.

2. Locate a huge open space, preferably a race track. (Don’t do it on the road.)

3. Turn electronic stability and traction control off.

4. Find a slowish 180-degree or 90-degree corner on the racetrack.


Enter: Don’t go in too fast. Turn in and make sure the front wheels are gripping the tarmac well.

Initiate: Lift off the throttle, slightly, for a split second, feel the weight of the car transfer to the front, then press down aggressively on the throttle again. The back wheels will lose grip and the car will start to slide.

Countersteer: Keep the steering in the direction you want to go. This will require quick hands, as the slide will happen fast. Keep the throttle steady and ride it out, or add more throttle to keep the slide going.

Exit: The key to a beautiful powerslide is the finish. It should be smooth, not sudden. You may ease off the power ever so slightly. Unwind the steering as the rear comes back into line.


You will suck. Be patient. Learn to get a good feel for the chassis and the momentum of the car.