Airstrike Hits Syrian Children’s Hospital: Here’s What’s Happening Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. 27 dead after airstrike hits Syrian hospital

“An airstrike on a pediatric hospital in Syria has killed 27 people, rights groups say, as the U.N. warns that the situation in Aleppo has become ‘catastrophic”‘ amid intensified fighting in recent days.” The Syrians, Russians and Americans have all denied responsibility.

2. Delta places $5.6b order at Bombardier

Delta Airlines has placed an order for 125 Bombardier CSeries jets, a deal that could be worth up to $5.6 billion. “The agreement includes 75 firm orders of the CS100 aircraft, the smaller version, but with options for another 50 planes that can be converted to the larger CS300 plane,” the Toronto Star reported today.

The order comes as the federal government considers a billion dollar bailout for the struggling aerospace firm.

+1: TTC Chair: A Bombardier bailout would be a slap in the face for Toronto.

3. What is Obama’s economic legacy?

“Eight years after the financial crisis, unemployment is at 5 percent, deficits are down and G.D.P. is growing. Why do so many voters feel left behind? The president has a theory.”

+1: In a talk at Stanford University yesterday, former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner said that Ted Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh.”

+1: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about @realDonaldTrump.

4. It’s cool, nobody knows how high are you

“No reliable method exists to tell you exactly how high that joint, edible, dab, or bong rip will get you.” Wired explains why this is, and what the marijuana industry is doing to fix it.

5. Why are we all so obsessed with the NFL draft?

“There’s been an NFL draft since 1936. But how did it become the three-day media spectacle it is today?”