Meet the Lawyer Who Keeps Hackers out of Prison: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading:

1. 11 dead after bomb strikes Istanbul

“Explosives in a parked car were detonated by remote control as a police shuttle bus passed through the historic Beyazit district during rush hour, Gov. Vasip Sahin of Istanbul said in a televised statement.

“Seven of the dead were police officers, Governor Sahin said. Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, militants from two groups Turkey is currently fighting — the Islamic State and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or P.K.K. — have staged major suicide attacks in urban areas this year.”

2. Recall campaign begins for judge in Stanford rape case

“The case, which had made headlines after the suspect was found guilty in March, began to seize the public’s attention anew after a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge, Aaron Persky, on Thursday handed the defendant, Brock Allen Turner, 20, what many critics denounced as a lenient sentence, including three years’ probation, for three felony counts of sexual assault.”

+1: Why did it take so long for police to release Brock Allen Turner’s mugshot?

3. This lawyer is a hacker’s best best for staying out of prison

“A medical marijuana and criminal defense lawyer from Southern California has made himself into the country’s leading defender of hackers. Can he save his clients from the worst law in technology — and themselves?”

 4. Where is the heir to Rage Against the Machine?

“All of this messaging insists that at this time, in the midst of the 2016 election, the band’s existence is vital. Implicit in that idea is a dig at the current musical moment—an assertion that there’s a 21-century protest-song drought that can only be filled by 20th-century icons.”

5. There’s a ‘zombie volcano’ growing under New Zealand

“Geologists in New Zealand have discovered a magma chamber being born in a surprising place—not under the country’s most active volcanoes, but off to one side.”