Lauren Bennett Is a Yodelling Goddess

At just 26 years old, Lauren Bennett has already had one hell of a career.

Over the course of her near-decade in show business, the British musician (and occasional model) has fronted two girl groups (Paradiso Girls and G.R.L., respectively), worked with the likes of Jimmy Iovine, CeeLo Green and Lil’ Jon, and featured on LMFAO’s hit “Party Rock Anthem,” which has over 1.07 billion views on YouTube.

Now, Bennett is going solo. And her first single, “Hurricane,” is more than just another catchy ballad: it aims to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.“It’s a cause that’s very near and dear to me,” Bennett says. “And I worked on the album with my brother, so it was emotional and important to me in a lot of different ways.”

In between posing for photos at a fashion shoot, Bennett answered a few of our burning Would You Rather? questions.


Would you rather always have to tell the truth or always have to lie?

Definitely the truth. I’m really bad at lying. I get all red and embarrassed-looking, so I try not to. People know right away when I do.

Who would you rather do a duet with, dead or alive?

Maybe John Lennon. He seemed like a weird guy and I think we’d have a good vibe together.


Would you rather see ten minutes or 100 years into the future?

Ten minutes. I think it’s more useful! If you look ahead and see that you’re about to fall over you can avoid it. 100 years into the future wouldn’t really impact me at the moment.

Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse mermaid?

[Laughs.] Wait, what?! Okay, so either I have a horse torso and human legs or a fish torso and human legs? Oh my god. I think I’ll go with the centaur. The fish head is a deal breaker. Fish are basically braindead with their 3-second memory. The bull is tough.


Would you rather only be able to yodel or sing opera for the rest of your life?

I actually can yodel a little bit so I’d probably go with that.

You can? Please yodel.

[Impressive yodelling.] Everyone in the room is staring at me now.

Would you rather meet an alien on earth or travel to space?

Have you seen that movie Paul with Simon Pegg? He’s such a cool little alien dude, I would love to meet an alien like him and hang out.


*A percentage of the song’s profits will be donated to to raise further awareness for mental health issues.
Photos courtesy of TheManuc