Russia and U.S. Near Breakthrough Deal on Syria: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Putin says Russia and U.S. close to breakthrough deal on Syria

“The U.S. and Russia are intensifying efforts to find common ground in Syria, where multiple countries and different extremist and rebel groups have been battling each other for 5 1/2 years. Russia entered the conflict last September on behalf of Assad, launching strikes by air and sea in its first military foray outside the former Soviet Union since it collapsed a quarter century ago. Hundreds of thousands have died in the conflict and millions more have fled.”

2. This leaked catalog offers ‘weaponized information’ that can flood the web

“In the summer of 2014, a little known boutique contractor from New Delhi, India, was trying to crack into the lucrative $5 billion a year market of outsourced government surveillance and hacking services.

“To impress potential customers, the company, called Aglaya, outlined an impressive—and shady—series of offerings in a detailed 20-page brochure. The brochure, obtained by Motherboard, offers detailed insight into purveyors of surveillance and hacking tools who advertise their wares at industry and government-only conferences across the world.”

3. FBI releases documents on investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email

“The bureau made 58 pages, some of which are heavily redacted, publicly available on Friday.”

+1: Donald Trump and the politics of fear.

4. Conservative leadership candidate defends immigrant ‘anti-Canadian values’ survey

“The survey made headlines on Thursday, with at least one Conservative strategist calling for her to withdraw from the race.

“‘Canadians can expect to hear more, not less from me, on this topic in the coming months,’ Leitch wrote in an emailed statement.”

5. Chinese media swoons for Justin Trudeau

“Don’t be alarmed if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tries to take a selfie with you, the state-run Global Times newspaper of China cautions its readers.”