In 2016, Canada Has Become an Outlier: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Why do we have Trudeau and the US has Donald Trump?

“As a tumultuous U.S. presidential campaign ends, Stephen Marche explores the conditions that have set Canada up to emerge, in 2016, as a bright light on a dark political stage. ”

2. Bashar al-Assad, unrepentant, says he expects to rule Syria until 2021

“Even as Mr. Assad and his inner circle tried out this new line of openness about the situation in Syria, they were hardening their stance against compromising with domestic or international opponents. They contended that the United States was actively backing the Islamic State and other extremist militants, and called allegations of war crimes against Syrian officials politically motivated, fabricated or both.”

3. Here’s the problem with the story connecting Russia to Donald Trump’s email server

“These DNS records alone simply cannot prove that any specific messages were sent at those times. In fact, they can’t really prove anything at all, and certainly not “communication” between Trump and Alfa. This cannot be overstated: No one, not Tea Leaves, not his academic peers, and not Franklin Foer, can show that a single message was exchanged between Trump and Alfa.”

+1: White nationalists plot Election Day show of force

4. Insurance companies are going to use the Internet of Things to really screw you over

“Nothing will escape their notice. Every sugary drink or fatty food you indulge in will affect your premium. Every hour you go without replacing the batteries in that chirping Nest Protect alarm means added points to your risk score. ‘Hard braking,’ or driving at odd hours. Insurers will already send you a tracking device for free so that they can tap all the valuable data you produce.”

5. Gawker Media has settled with Hulk Hogan

“Today the founder of Gawker Media, Nick Denton, announced that his bankrupt company would settle claims with three litigants: the wrestler Hulk Hogan, the scientist Shiva Ayyadurai, and the journalist Ashley Terrill. According to documents filed in federal bankruptcy court, the three settlements total $32,250,000.”

+1: Read Nick Denton’s statement on the settlement.